What is the worst programming language you have ever had to use? Why was it so bad?

Web development used to be terrible (years 90).So I have a few.

Languages such as JavaScript, PHP (then called PHP/FI) and Perl were all terrible in their own way.

JavaScript did not feel ‘ off ‘, due to a lack of all sorts of constructs that you have in other languages with also a lot of differences between browsers and difficult to debug (does anyone know Internet Explorer yet?). In recent years and with the advent of e.g. typescript, it is a bit more in the right way.

Perl was a language that was used mainly for all sorts of scripts, but in the early days of the World Wide Web was also used for interactive APPLICATIONS (CGI scripts).It was quite tricky with Perl to make your code look like spaghetti. Regular expressions were very powerful but quite tricky to read.

And PHP.Well. It started with PHP/FI as a template language for HTML, when it became a procedural language and then the object was oriented. It’s full of legacy features and past choices in which PHP didn’t quite know what it would be. In addition, it was/is easy to learn and therefore attracted hordes of novice developers making it often associated with ‘unsafe spaghetti Code made by your nephew‘.

PHP, I said almost instantly…:)

Well, PHP is in itself a nice programming language but I’d rather have seen that PHP is used mainly for the front-end part with e.g. C or C++ as a back-end language.The first PHP versions were therefore quite good and with PHP4 I was quite satisfied. Then you could create Web applications similar to how ASP. JUST works with C#. One language does the mark-up and layout of the page and the other language does the business logic and you can possibly share it with other projects.

My first PHP project was therefore very interesting because we developed software in Borland Delphi (Pascal) where we had Internet sockets in the code with which we could generate web pages.(No IIS or Apache so, but self sockets programming!) And PHP was called internally to create these pages in conjunction with data from Delphi. Data storage in a database, data processing in Delphi and data presentation in PHP. An ideal solution!

But yes, those [beep managing PHP decided to add object-oriented programming in version 5 and also expand PHP so that you can write more business logic in PHP.Very nice for PHP developers but business logic in PHP code I can not reuse in my desktop application or mobile app. And then there might still be solutions to it, but there are plenty of alternatives and PHP has always been working nicely with those other alternatives!

Then it became even worse when one wanted to release version 6 with Unicode support.And that has entailed enormous protests. Enough actually to mean almost the end of PHP and PHP6 went away quietly again. And it’s very fast too. And then it took quite a long time before version 7 came out and it seems to be currently tolerated.

But PHP was a nice language to regulate the mark-up of websites and they have ruined it.PHP is only good for web development because it has its origins there. And nowadays there are developers who want to do the strangest things with it “because it can”… Either, we already have enough wheels but they want a few more…

SAL and SAM, two languages, the one server side, the other client side, which were used by SQLWindows from Gupta.

The logic was determined by the degree of indence.A code block had a similar indence.

A bit like the idea below.As ‘ SomeFuction ‘ was true, the two lines were executed there, otherwise the program went directly to DoAlways.

However, the trick was that 4 spaces were not equal to a tab.So a rule that started with four spaces was VISUALLY the same as one that started with a tab, but logically the same as one that was on the ‘ level ‘ above it.

And then debug that kind of code…

If SomeFuncion () \n\tDoSomethingIf () \n\tDoSomeOtherThingIf () \nDoAlways () \n

That is to say.Progress 4GL made the most of its best to make it the programmer more Moel.

Visual Basic for Applications

The language is pretty nice.But the platform is bad.

The documentation is not present.

The behavior is not predictable.

Error handling is very flawed.

It only works on Windows

The behavior depends on the language on your computer

The operation depends on the version of Office.

The debugger is extremely limited

It is a closed platform with as good as no documentation.

No multi-Threading possible


The idea is actually quite bold:

-Define some facts (x < Y, y < Z)

-Define some implications (if x < y and y < Z then x < z)

-Ask your program what’s even more true/not true

However, it’s somewhat cumbersome to make something meaningful.Not too small because the language is very slow. All in all a very nice language if you are curious about how programming can be done even more, besides the usual: JavaScript, Java, C, C++, C#, Python etc

The box where I got to know Prolog hot ‘ intelligent Systems ‘ Unfortunately, it came down to ‘ inefficient systems ‘ in which the intelligence was also far from searching.

Haskell.It is claimed that it is a programming language, but it does not even take the Babyaal.

It cannot be translated.It makes data types yourself, which one finds very advanced, but which is a source of problems right away.

The syntax only has spaces as delimiters.No parentheses, commas, and line breaks.

It is claimed that a Haskell program may not contain any errors, but it appears to be able to run.

Input from disk and output to disk is not included. You have to type in numbers, and you get text on screen.

O, and there is no programming environment, and so no highlight of keywords and so. Just typing in Notepad.

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