What is the worst product you’ve ever seen?

When I just read this question, I immediately had a picture in my head of these impossible current collars foranimals.It is one of the most horrible products you can buy in retail.

They work in the following ways:

“… The dogs wear a collar with an impulse generator.It receives electrical impulses in different strengths from the transmitter, which the dog owner holds in his hand. The current surges range from slight tingling to clear pain, depending on the punishment of the instructors for the dogs and how often.

The two electrodes on the neck not only lead to Burns, but put the dogs in a permanent expectation of punishment . This chronic stress condition makes the dogs sick of body and soul. The Veterinary Association for Animal Welfare (TVT) refers to all devices that are powered by electricity, air blasts, scent, noise, etc.regulate in the communication of dogs, as contrary to animal protection. Spray collars, anti-bell devices and “invisible fences” are also included in the now ever-increasing list of anti-animal accessories (source: “Anti-animal accessories in pet husbandry”, leaflet No. 62 for download at Veterinary Association for Animal Welfare )…”

In this way, the poor animal is constantly triggered and it neither knows why, nor can it understand that the pain has something to do with its “natural and instinctive” behavior and also horribly emanates from its own keeper, to whom the animal so unconditionally and faithfully surrenders.always. No matter how the animal behaves.

Every behavior has reasons, which can be recognized with patience and love, with awareness and attention without difficulty – and steered into new paths in order to give the animal confidence and security, to take its needs seriously and on the other hand to also to give its your own needs, for peace and a relaxed coexistence.

However, the animal to which such instruments are attached is constantly triggered and placed in a constant uncertainty.People who use such methods for “dog education” are impossible to regard the animal as an independent, livable, equal and sentient living being. It breaks my heart when I see on the Internet how many people buy and affirm such torture instruments for their prot茅g茅s. Despite the ban!

Animals often know each other much better in their bodies than we do.They never react to certain impulses for no reason.Bellen serves communication and is an important meansof defining his territory, expressing warnings but also joy and exuberance and communicating with each other.A man who forbids his dog this basic need need need need need need not be surprised if he suddenly snaps without any warning, since all the possibilities of the previous warnings to fellow species and people, thus, about these ruthless triggers, but be moved. Thus, the animal cannot possibly relax and be driven into a permanent state of stress as soon as it behaves according to its nature. A very clear: “NO!” for me!

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