What is the worst of introvert?

Other people you don’t understand.

At staff Party I’m often at the Duer, with a small group, or I’m going outside, people often ask “do you have it to your liking?I bentertain me fine, but people do not understand that and always try to get me that dance floor.

I like to be with a small group or alone, and the odds are so great that if someone asks “Hey Mark do you want….” That I wonder on that question, because I just want to be home that day, with a book, movie, Game, or with MN kittens.People see this a bit as rude or that I’m angry at them, but that’s often not so, I’m just not always in the mood to……. To start doing.

That for me is really the worst of introvert, people are the cozy bouncy extroverted knwon, (I think most movies have the extroverted as the party person, where the introvert is always that Grey mouse) and do not understand that not everyone is so , and so also herself can entertain yourself at a party by saying little and just smiling and nod a little.

God, it sounds like it is a disease. I really find it shocking that we are still working on that hassle today.Extravert, introvert, it just says something about your perception world and how you recharge.

Surely it is a fact that at every party there are a few people who are chatting in a small group while the rest of the crowd runs around like chicken without a head?That has always been so and people still understand the balls of it.

And that doesn’t have to be at all.You don’t have to understand each other in order to give each other space. People who can not ugh. From Mark his reaction really are my hair standing. That people push what he describes to do the same as what they do ‘ because then it is good ‘. In the end, of course, it says more about them than about us.

Luckily I’m assertive myself-Omg Chais!How is that possible if you are introvert?! Then you are only shy in a corner of the room sitting down!? -and I say at that kind of moment ‘ just take care of yourself, because if you have time to worry about me, I wonder if you do it to your liking. ‘ Okay bye eh.

Let us take a rest and feel good with yourself, we do too!;)

The worst was in school and if you also have bipolar disorder so have gigantic depressive showers, and even your own parents do not understand you then you really fall between shore and ship.

My salvation was that after my studies I immediately started travelling and found myself in nature and with animals and photography…
But in addition, it is very important that you clearly inform your partner how you are sticking out otherwise you will go there sooner or later also on the cliffs…

Overcome the ‘ shame ‘ and talk about it, which works wonders in people who want to listen.Stay away from people who don’t want to understand.

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