What is the worst case of ignorance you have experienced yourself?

Question from: Jörg Peters

What is the worst case of ignorance you have experienced yourself?

When I read the question, it became quiet in me at first.Well, what is it?

Then came the first ideas that had something to do with ignorance and then I had to laugh.Because the idea suddenly got bigger and bigger.

In fact, it is the obvious global phlegma, triggered by obsession with power and greed for money, which stands in the way of developments that are just as obvious and absolutely necessary, and that a “broad” mass that supports this and knows perfectly well that this is how it is. must and cannot go any other way.

An incredible number of projects can only be managed in global peace and with global cooperation.The future space flight, the hydrogen supply at the planetary level, implementation of the “Western” conditions worldwide. Education systems around the world, getting out of nuclear power, getting out of fossil fuels, supporting the development of the fusion reactor, stopping climate change and thus stopping the melting of the polar valves. Construction of a research station on the moon with permanent occupation. Construction of a space airport on the moon (because from there the launches are much easier). Flight to Mars. Construction of a generation spaceship.

Instead, the electric car continues to be tinkered with.We already know that we can produce far fewer fuel cells because the raw materials are not available in the required quantities at all. But the plans are there, so it’s done.

And and….That doesn’t go away. The list of obvious human shortcomings does not end there. We know all this. I do not think I have any secret knowledge, but things are clearly on the table. And yet it is done and yet no one says anything.

What is annoying is the ignorance of the rich, who, although they know better, are doing something wrong so that they can make a lot of money with it beforehand.And what is annoying is the ignorance of the “little man” (of course also the woman) who allow this without wondering how to explain this to the children and grandchildren.

The world’s oceans are engulfed in plastic waste, and in large parts of Asia the waters have been polluted for millennia.Every day in South America the jungle disappears in the area of Cologne. And we know what’s behind it, the climate, circulation and stability of the atmosphere. But it doesn’t care.

In a figurative sense, it’s like we’re all cocking each other in the living room, and no one cares. All great.Kacke on the table. Well what is the outcry, everything easy… Or what?

And what is described here is only the beginning.We know that millions of people worldwide die every year because of Nestle and CocCola. We have all heard this in the news, in special programmes, on Arte… That’s all well known. But these companies do not come to court and the products are still bought. This is not only the worst case of ignorance, it is aiding and abetting mass murder.

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