What is the Vegan Police?

In the film and comic world around Scott Pilgrim, the Vegan Police is the name of the vegan police.Vegan Police) the special unit that your vegan superpowers will give youvegan powers), which you received after your serving of your vegan oath, if you have consumed something non-vegan three times. [1[2

An emergency vehicle of the vegan police, shown in the movie “Scott Pilgrim vs. the Rest of the World” (2010):


Ramona Flower’s third ex-boyfriend Todd Ingram, a student at the Vegan Academy.

Vegan Academy), lost its vegan superpowers (including mental eye, levitation, telepathy) due to violation of vegan code No. 827: consumption of coffee with cream. [3[4[5 The Vegan Police used their deveganisator beam to do so.Deveganizing Ray) expresses proximity or touch from the side. [6

The loss of his vegan superpowers eventually led to Todd Ingram’s defeat to Scott Pilgrim.

It is not clear whether the vegan police are merely violating a vegan diet.vegan diet) punishes:

No vegan diet – no vegan powers. [7

The Vegan Police in Action:

Scene from the film “Scott Pilgrim vs. the Rest of the World” (2010). [8


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