What is the usefulness of Quora Nederland if everyone in the Netherlands can speak good English?

I find the atmosphere here more friendly than on the English.I found there that as soon as my replies became a bit popular I only got negative responses. And not that I have such a tar, I can really resist a different opinion!

But my most popular answer was about why chocolate was bad for dogs, and there I really got 20 same comments ‘ my dog ate chocolate one time and didn’t die so you must be wrong ‘ yes hello.

My second most popular answer was how best to pet a cow (they don’t find that much.Hands licking they do find great). I got all the reactions of people whose uncle/sister of friend/colleagues was knowledgeable in an accident with a cow, that they are life-threatening. Yes, dogs are also, statistically speaking. Even more than cows. And I had put it neatly ‘ to stay behind the fence, not in mothers with calves, not in bulls, no unexpected movements ‘ all the leaflets that people need. People just don’t read it. I go to the cows every day, when you pay attention there is not much to happen.

Then still the answers about climate change… Pooh, it’s not worth it.So much wrong information, and people you just fall on the guy because you say something they don’t like.

And then the drama, every week I see a vague lament-post about a well-known Quoran, where the name is not mentioned, but everyone goes off in the comments whine (I usually have no idea about who it is).Somehow I also get a lot of answers in my feed that Meghan Markle should take down all the way… Listen, I don’t even follow the British royal house, where does this come from, why do I have to see all these nasty hateful people.

It is clear: these people have never heard of the ‘ Once Sweet ‘ campaign.

In addition, I also like to ask questions about Dutch music, literature, grammar, etc.Things that would find on the English Quora but a small audience. I’m still using the English, and I’ll write answers. But I do notice that my enthusiasm is less now that there is the Dutch version. I now really only answer questions that interest me and the questioner, no one else (questions like how many rose species are there? Answer: Around the 380, but for many species the weather does not agree whether it is one or more species, so the type of number varies a lot. You don’t get much upvotes with it, but I do have the feeling that I have answered someone’s question.

Well, and since the partner program, there are also a lot of nonsensical questions, questions that are asked only because money can be earned, not because the questioner actually wants to know.The Dutch version does not… Here, then, is the question of translator, who has a bit of the same role.

The Dutch community is only small, but there are good writers and I find it a lot more enjoyable to deal with people here.

Ever hear Guus Hiddink speak English?

Not everyone in the Netherlands speaks good English, and more importantly, even less people can write really good English.It takes a lot of people to make a good answer in English, and many people lack self-confidence to settle for an answer that is not 100% grammatically correct, or contains style errors.

The knowledge of the English language in the Netherlands is so high that you can certainly call the Netherlands bilingual, but the level of knowledge of the English language in the Netherlands varies in many cases between understandable and reasonable.I have regularly heard Dutch speaking English with a completed HBO or academic course, and that was certainly not “good” in many cases. Even Dutchmen who are proud to speak “good” English make in almost every sense mistakes.

My girlfriend found Quora very interesting, but had to settle for good question, and that is different.Now that there is a Dutch Quora, she is working on it.

Flawless English writing is trickier than many think.

I sit on Quora Dutch and Quora English.They are other questions you encounter. I also suggest other questions. Quora Dutch is also a cosier. There is a core group of people who will keep you coming along again and respond to you.

Quora Nederland is like a cosy village caf茅 and the English-speaking Quora is comparable to walking on King’s Day with a beer in your hand through Amsterdam.

This is a good English language.Even the highly educated on the English language courses in the university speak a kind of pidgin that resembles English but certainly is not English.

For most, the English-speaking means a impoverishment and scaling.Almost no one masters the English well enough to apply OO academic level.

Reading and understanding English succeeds me well, speaking is already a little less, write a drama.I cannot express enough in English. I followed the English-language Quora for years, but never responded: my English writing skills are really inadequate.

There are a few reasons to mention why Quora was founded in Dutch.

Dutch is one or the official language of three countries: the Netherlands, Belgium and Suriname.Together, this language is spoken by 28 million people. [1 and of these millions of people don’t fix everyone good English.

In addition, many people find it nice to write in your own language.You can still express your feelings better. It feels more familiar to you.

And finally, there is another important reason.Amerikan, Brits and other English speakers do not always have a message to questions and answers from non-native speakers. A time ago I read this question on the English language Quora:

How do I avoid all questions and answers by Indians on Quora?

Although the questioner got a stand from many users and was criticized by this question, which can be interpreted as discriminatory, Quora management can still find this question justified.After all, Quora is a commercial institution. The knife therefore cuts on two sides, on the one hand you operate the Dutch speaking Community and on the other side you also meet the wishes of the English speaking community.

So I see it.I hope this has answered your question. Thank you for asking me this question Micheal Maze (micheal Maze).


[1 Dutch-Wikipedia

I agree with Bill Sliedrecht.For Dutch speakers who are in the strange way, the internet is a big result because you are not so cut off from those 25 million or so people who also speak Dutch if they used to be the case. I’m already sind ‘ 97 away from the Netherlands, but my language I’ll never lose.

I have to put some caveats.First of all, that number: 25 million is actually not so small. Dutch is bigger and more important than many Dutch people seem to realise. Secondly, Dutch people often do not speak English as well as they think. The desire that is often the father of that thought is also of a fairly dubious nature. Dutch people often think that everything that is American is better. Well America is quite a great country with a lot of great things, but there are also a lot of phenomena and rusts that are not so great heroically.There are even a lot of Americans who are pretty bit jealous of a country like the Netherlands. The Dutch tendency to call ourselves off with us find Americans very curious.

The Dutch can be quite a bit more proud (and more economical) in themselves and their culture and language.Without falling into the balls or overestimation, incidentally, because that is precisely one of the beautiful sides of the Dutch: that does not have to.

Anyone in the Netherlands can speak good English?That is certainly not true! Pretty much Dutch can speak a little English and a single one can speak good English. There is therefore a difference between speaking and writing. One speaks a language more smoothly than one writes a language. One also almost always speaks and writes best in the language with which one grew up (even though one makes a lot of D-t mistakes!). Quora Nederland lets Dutch speakers express their opinions in the best way.

Definitely has utility for me.Disk likes in Dutch, it’s a nice language, which I appreciate ever more since I live in Canada. The words can sometimes be so touching. Am also active on the English Quora. It is interesting to see the differences.

The Dutch Quora I find somewhat more friendly, is a smaller community.It is interesting to see how Dutch society is now, as it comes to the questions and answers. It is limited, by itself, given the small number of people who speak Dutch. So less likely to come into contact with exceptional people, thoughts, ideas, insights.

The English Quora community is massive, you will find very interesting and very knowledgeable people and answers.You learn a lot. It’s wonderful to get to know people around the world and share appreciation. Knowledge of the English language makes that possible.

You have to be able to write good English.If it is your second language and you do not live in an English-speaking country, it seems to me that difficult. I admire the people who can. There are some.

When I emigrated to Canada I thought I could be quite good English, but that was not so. To be able to make things good and sharp, a good knowledge of both, the language and the culture is needed.That requires a lot of time in traffic, reading and disks.

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