What is the true religion?

Question from: Sebastian Schlögl

What is true religion?

Without talking about my head and neck here, I give preference to someone who needs to know.And who immediately distances himself from religion.

Dalai Lama: “For me, love and compassion are a universal religion.You don’t need a temple or a church, or even a faith, if you’re just trying to be a human being with a warm heart and a smile that’s enough.”

In doing so, he has brought to the bottom of what religion is really about.It’s about your own personal path back to unity. For this you do not need institutions, no buildings, no one who forgives you, blesss you, canonizes one. What the “official” religions do in the name of God would be nothing more than worthy of an acting troupe at the fair.

It must be clear to every reasonable being that there can be no God to preach.They could tell you that 400 years ago, but not in this day and age.

The God whom all seek and beg when they have built crap and now want to be given absolution by higher power, that is the God whom the same people are grubring, burning, exploiting, trashing and poisoning.This is exactly the God they trample underfoot when it comes to letting him come. This is exactly the God who keeps everything alive here, our earth. Our home planet.

What is offered in this country in terms of religion is pure mockery.The church leaders sit on their coal and watch as the God they all worship degenerate into a desert planet.

If you’re supposed to explain this to an alien, he’ll laugh at you!

The same man once said, “Ethics is more important than religion.”

Ethics, the moral understanding of good and evil, right and wrong, is genetically given to us, while religion is something we have to learn first.And we have to learn it, even or especially if we decide against it.

In Aleister Crowley’s book “Book of Thoth” it says right at the beginning: “Do what you want, be the only law.”

Now it does not say: >go on what you have buck<, but the invitation presupposes that one has become aware of one’s innermost will.A clarity that even today only a few people achieve at all.

The holy Kabbalah (Jewishness) and the structure of the chakras (Hindu) already bear a certain resemblance.The nadis, the compounds, are also found in Asian medicine, where the life energy is distributed among so-called meridians and the cause of a disease is the congestion of this life energy.



A true religion would be one that is as critical and researching in its fields as the natural sciences.After all, Asian medicine is not studied further, and that is probably not what one wants, because the pharmaceutical industry fears that sales are too severe.

For even in our oh so enlightened world, we all firmly believe in the really only God that we are already to accept: money.

We like to delude ourselves when we get married or baptize our youngest.Again and again beautiful to experience how the whole family celebrates a big HALLO, but in fact the only God we accept is the naughty Mammon.

For if it were Mother Nature, which nourishes us all, we would have to make concessions.We would have to get out of our comfort zone and take environmental protection seriously. But that is not what we want. What we want are cheap prices on Amazon, we don’t care how they come about. We also don’t care if the pants are made in Thailand, Vietnam or China and are strapped around half the world with a freighter for 6 weeks, if we get them only 10 € cheaper, even though the damage during their transport goes into the billions. Someone will have to pay for it all. It will be our children and many will pay for it with life. With such purchasing decisions, we murder our children. Ok, not targeted, but indirectly.

No religion is a facade that we still afford for our good conscience, but the end is in sight, because religions cannot solve problems, but can only tell nonsense.They have not renewed their programme for 2,000 years and have cost an unimaginable amount of money.

Religion has simply overtaken itself.

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