What is the true nature of time?

I think the true nature of time is a spatial dimension that our brain offers us completely different, so that we can calculate things precisely, which will not be able to perceive with the eyes but through our memory.Thus we developed an understanding of the time without the time it became necessary to understand time. But nowadays something more is required, because without really understanding something, science cannot get any further.

But the true nature of time is so complex that no one is able to comprehend and differentiate the true nature of time between time-duration and the change of the present.So within the brightest minds to stumble over what can be non-existent. Because time is only a derived quantity, from a comparable distance, which Einstein uses as a 4-dimension to bend the space. In this respect, all this was correct until the moment came when he also named time a unique determining localization coordinate and considered the stretchability of time.

So that you can understand my answer correctly, I quote an introductory sub-response for the notoriously left- and like-lazy ones and then run it further down.

Do dogs have a concept of time?

I think this is a condition that every living being with a brain must possess in order to be able to act in this world.

The controlled executions of any actions require the estimating of the required force with which the muscles must be clamped.

There is the law of evolution, I always called it “The Nature of Things”.If a living being was too stupid to do something right, then it did not survive and could not reproduce further. And so every concept develops and improves.

A good example is the jump.Any monkey that is too doofy to reasonably estimate the jump from branch to branch, breaks its neck at some point and therefore can no longer multiply. Any cat that can’t appreciate a jump can starve. And i haven’t seen the dogs jump.

I think that this concept even requires a memory area in general.This concept forces the necessary understanding of the past, present and future. And past is just a reminder of a lot along a comparable length to assess how the length of the future bounce will be and how much current strength must be given to the muscles.

But this concept has been working for millions of years, so no one would think that time is just an illusion.Because it does not need a study of physics to understand that the past and the future are a product of our brain, which therefore certainly do not exist in the present.

So I can now say that all beings (including your dog) have a good concept for time and the necessities associated with it.On the other hand, the standard model of physics has a poor model of time and its associated scientific necessities. For in physics, every leap in development has been going wrong with time since the 19th century.

What leaps of development over time?

I said time is an illusion and the past is just a reminder of a lot along a comparable length to be able to assess …

This is also quite comparable to a clock, wherethe the clock hand is compared along a moving distance.measured. But the past route, like the future, does not exist in the present. How should a physical process work when the causes are not present?

But since concrete scientific facts exist, the old notion of time is no longer acceptable.Time has to be differentiated, because Einstein’s considerations and calculation are generally correct on the condition that one part of the time is spatial and the other part is responsible for the change. Thus, the 4th dimension can only be an additional spatial dimension, and the location-determining coordinate can now be the 5th or better the null dimension.

But there is something new in our thinking.

Why should a dimension be an exception?It would be much more likely if all dimensions had absolutely one-way forward-counting properties. So any dimension can only plus one. Then we only specify our old model of contemplation, because in real terms all other dimensions have no freedom to move. I shall describe this in more detail.

If the time coordinate represents the null dimension, whose function resolution only allows Clock-12 to go one step further, i.e. each dimension goes one step further, then ultimately each point draws a helix-shaped path, except for the center, this only makes a 180掳 step forward and thus forms the one-dimensional axis on which the helix refers.Yes I know this is damn difficult to understand, but I explain this in detail in my salon blog. I just look at the center of the movement, where each step runs along its direction with the smallest possible Planckian length and time.

Since there is only the forward, an akausal step backwards into the past is not possible.Thus, every rear movement must describe a U-turn, like any car that has no reverse gear. And nothing else does every thing in our universe. The freedom to go to any place in our universe is limited by its dimensions. However, the direction of movement is directed exclusively forward and this is absolutely determined by a 4th dimension. I describe this as follows:

Everyone should know the gravitational effects.

Three dimensions are curved into a 4th dimension. A part (right) is curved into the 4D plane and a part (left) remains on the 3D plane. Now let’s look at the possibilities of selectable directions from a single point. Every next step would always be just the next option, etc.

So you can now see that on the left side of the black 3D plane everything runs to the point, because the space curvature behaves like a hole, while in the red 4D plane next to it everything runs away from the point, because the space curvature there behaves like a mountain.

If you now look at the very right representation, then you will see that all directions point in the same direction and point from the 3D plane exactly after 180掳 opposite to the 3D plane, so each movement is always straight forward. There is no geometric backwards for a four-dimensional geometry.

Thus, the 3D plane points inward and the 4D plane points to the outside.But the inner point is also the outer end of each direction. This will certainly confuse you, but ask yourself why the magnetic field lines don’t confuse you. What is quite concretely measurable and predictable, what I try to explain here miserably.

It gets even worse when you see that the red portions of the 4D plane also represent the same coordinates as on the 3D plane.I compare this to the chair, which can stand on the same X/Y coordinates on the upper floor as downstairs one floor lower, another chair can stand. However, it is only the same 2D position but not the same of the 3D position. Likewise, the 3D-reverse balls are out of the 4D plane, also in our 4D plane at the effect. The best example is the known magnetic field lines, only with the difference that is now turned inside outwards. And again, it is extremely difficult to understand, because we understand the 4th dimension only as a time-duration, but not as a real spatial dimension.

This now suits me as a reflection law.

So we will encounter many amazing things from the 4D geometry, because one only has to realize that a point in the 3D sphere in the 4D sphere is exactly opposite 180掳, since the 4th dimension is also arranged by 90掳 orthogonal, like all other , you need to rotate the sphere quarter by 90掳 (green arrow) and then suddenly realize that the point in the 3D-Level presents the known law of reflection as:

– Angle of incidence equals failure angle –

The image shows a blue dot in the left circle in the upper left quadrant, but where the beginning of a circle whose end was drawn separately is an arrow.

But actually the beginning and the end are the same position in space, but it is seemingly separated on both levels, like the chair just mentioned.

But because the plane is rotated 90 degrees, the point and path appears in the upper right quadrant, as shown on the right image.So every movement, as in the left image, we see from the top left/outside running inward/right down, and then suddenly, after reaching the center, we experience a movement that runs high from the inside/left down to the right/outside. It all goes as if it had bounced off some invisible border. So in the upper semicircle the 4D plane is also reflected and therefore we experience everything as if there is no 4th dimension, which should clarify the question, what separates the two planes and why everything only seems to move or act in the 3D world.

So, all imagination?Or are these not enough signs of finally seriously questioning the model of time and its stretchability. Because there are many more clues that will no longer cause any problems when we finally reform the time in the standard model of physics.

My whole feed and salon is full of it and I start to doubt the science – but by no means of me.I know this is dangerously close to being crazy and I’m sure there will be more opponents who would love to confirm this if there was finally a dis-like button. So I am unfortunately completely at the mercy of the like-lazy readers, who do not understand that with each like the text is passed on here to his Folllower, so few learn that there is something interesting to read.

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