What is the stupidest thing you have done in your youth?

5 years:

A cozy corner under my bed (my cave) where all my booklets lay, a stock with sandwiches, fruit, jam, peanut butter.I had made it very cosy there. It was too dark to be able to read my booklets well.

So also a stash with matches and candles.

The firefighters were sweet.

I was a year or 7, pupil of a completely “white” elementary school.

Our surprise was therefore great when the school Director one day entered our classroom with a girl of Surinamese origin next to him.

She beamed and was beautiful.

I felt attracted to her in a natural way and we quickly closed friendship.

However, many friends did not put them at our school.

She was literally seen as a very strange duck in the bite.Behind her back, jokes about her were made continuously. She knew this, felt this, but it could seem to her little care.

The jokes were becoming meaner and I too, we had a lot of contact together, came to their sights.

I was put in the block one day and had to make a choice.I still wanted to deal with her then I would lose “friends”.

Not much later I laughed appetizing at a next joke in her direction.

She went to school after the summer holidays.

I hated myself and I still think with tears in my eyes back to this moment.

I have decided to never deny myself again.

At the Hockey club was a boy who sold strings.Many team members bought them to cross them. I bought them for another purpose, namely to sell them at school. I was a year or 13 but the Dutch trading spirit did speak of itself…

A classmate later told me that the strings he had bought with me did not work (would have gotten wet) and he was sitting there in his room by rubbing the battle cap against the side of a matchbox (‘ stupid thing does not works ‘).Until his great horror, the thing began to hiss and the head turned up, so that he opened his window like a hare and tasted the thing in the garden. His family was afraid of rot, but thought that the youth had detonated the fireworks in the garden instead of loving his son.

I should not think about what could have been the consequences if he had just been too slow.

We had a game at home: Unfortunately I don’t know what it’s called, but you have two cards with pictures on it that you put next to each other.You have two wires with pins on it and they came together at the top of the box where a light was in. So you had to find the pictures together and if you had the good ones, the light was burning. Nice, right?

Until I wanted to see if the light would also burn (according to my theory it should work anyway) if I put those two pins in the socket.

A bang.. And that was it.Light is broken. What a pity.

Fifteen minutes later my father went to the toilet.. And the light did not work.He tried other lights and nothing worked anymore.

Apparently I had the main fuse out there knallen芒 鈧?娄…

Let’s just say I was lucky that the pens themselves had plastic and so I didn’t have a shocking experience myself.

Update: Thanks to comments below… This game was called Electro:

And apparently I haven’t been the only one.. Since the plugs were to be purchased for a newer edition:

Sit on the bank handrail and fall from it.

I came with my left hand in the glass of an old fashioned carriage lantern. Luckily only some scars were kept on.

Chestnuts from the Attic stairs drop.There are still small dents in the attic staircase in the parental home.

The dumbest I’ve ever done was 2 knit priemen in a wall socket.According to my mother, I was happily blown away.

Now when I work on the electricity and I have the fuse deposited, I test before I touch the wires or power it on.

When I was 12 years old I was on my first year on the education.I didn’t have many friends at my elementary school, and the friends I did had all went to another school so I was very alone.
In high school I soon had more ‘ friends ‘, only I was often afraid I was losing them, so I was easily manipulated.

One of my friends, Andr茅 (not his real name), had persuaded me to steal food at the grocery store.I had never done this before, and knew it was wrong, but because I was afraid to get rid of my friends I did it anyway. I stole something from the store and was not caught, but even though I knew it was wrong it felt exciting. I did it then more often, I stole for him, his friends, and for myself.

I did this for about 4 months (I think) before I got caught.Andr茅 was waiting outside the shop for the food I would steal for him, but I was held on the road to the exit by an employee. I was caught. I was shocked and had to cry. I had sent my mother a message, which arrived just before the police. I was taken to the desk and my mother rode along.

I had to wait about an hour or two (in a separate room) before the police proceeded to handle my ‘ case ‘.They said at the end that I would be called and probably had to follow a task penalty.

I never called again.I have never heard anything about it. I did of course have very angry parents hahaha.

I have had a tendency to steal since then, even in my childhood, so I would say that the police approach has certainly worked.

Thought people were always as honest and sincere as me, especially when they were in your circle of friends…

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