What is the strangest message you received from Quora?

There is this one message exchange that comes to mind.. .

(This was when I replied to every single message I received.)

Apart from the terrible grammar, it didn’t seem too offensive.

Then it got really creepy, really fast.

Remember that all these messages were sent within seconds and I was honestly bombarded with them.

A casual mention of Jake Williams?

strange. At this point, I didn’t ignore “them,” but just looked through my feed and read through answers.

I didn’t know what to say, so I greeted her again and told her I was 16, as indicated in my profile.

I mention discord because I think it’s relatively easier to judge how people behave there.

It is becoming more and more arrogant.

. .

Strange questions to someone who started talking to me a few minutes ago.

At that point, I was completely separated from the person and didn’t want to answer.

I’m not sure why. Perhaps the consistent supplication and nagging?


And that’s the last thing I’ve heard from her.

I never responded.

This is probably the strangest exchange I’ve ever had on Quora.

Of course, there are the weird one-liners that I don’t answer, but that’s another time.

From the stars,


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