What is the step-by-step process to start a start-up and make it a success?

You don’t want to.

There is a success of “making”, that is. You want the exact opposite!You want to minimize risk. You want inexpensive experiments that will conclusively exclude a possible company from failing. There you do not need any other steps-plan than the scientific method.

No, wanting to make a success, like decorating someone, takes care of all brain distortions (biases) that reduce the likelihood of success.

Let me explain that…

Since about 2005 companies-makers, like me, use a process that resembles and scientific research or evolution.We did not do this strangely enough.

Let me tell you how it first went.Because you learn a lot from that. If you used to have a business, you went to the bank with a copy/paste plan of an already existing company 20km away. For example, you wanted a bike shop like the one in Alkmaar but with a large shopping window. The bank looked at similar cycling cases, how many were already in the area, your experience as a bike maker, the ability of your family, and whether your parents had a middle-school diploma.

For, it was thought, to undertake that “sat in your blood”.You couldn’t learn that. Bookkeeping that you could learn, undertake was a genetic abnormality. And if it were good, the alderman or the director of the Chamber of Commerce came to cut a ribbon at the opening after two years of renovation.

Aunt Agaath
No starting company got money for “new things” or “inventions” from the bank.New business models such as mail-order, Sexlines, Candy shopfranchises, 1hour ready photography, and the like? You only did that from an existing company, with a collateral or a wealthy aunt Agaath.

And of course there were those exceptional success stories of small, self-employed entrepreneurs who -against the oppression -had achieved it anyway .And we romanied those heroes to their special genetic abilities, look at the future, it in the wind beating opinions and long winded. You know of that King Arthur fairy tales, in which the Dragon is defeated on perseverance and special powers.

Of course, banks knew better.Banks don’t do fairy tales. On closer inspection, ten-thousands of Steve jobs died that were better smarter than the lucky who was now on a podium to declare that his brilliant stubbornness and col-sweater were decisive. Books full are written about how a successful entrepreneur looks like. Among the readers… Tens of thousands that have done exactly that and more and yet failed. But losers don’t write books, and no one would want to read them. But that’s fairytale! One picnic in the graveyard of fallen entrepreneurs and you know: The survivors are not better. This is the average story: Frank Whittle was not rich of the invention of the jet engine.

Right away…
Since the dotcom woes 20 years ago we were going to ask ourselves… Why?Why do we throw money away in World-online? Why is it such a lottery?

The main cover came from the American entrepreneur Steve Blank, the teacher of Eric Ries.And Eric Ries popularized the ideas from “Four_Steps to Epiphany” in “the Lean Startup“.And only because of this we have in the Netherlands since 10 years “start-ups”. And no, you didn’t have them. Almost not.

The essence of a Blanco’s startups is a rigorous elimination portfolio method.Make sure you 1) the most major business risks as 2) first in a 3) increasingly cheaper way 4) systematically learns to exclude by 5) targeted experiments to the 6) market and 7) Continuous 8) adaptively continues to redesign and validate on 9) customer base Development until you discover a 10) business model. There is your roadmap. Simple huh? Do you see how that algorithm resembles elimination by natural selection? Do you see how it looks like the scientific method? Do you see how little the initial “greatness” and perseverance of the entrepreneur plays a role?

Where it goes wrong
Most startups founders Anno 2019 still delusions Steve Jobs!They think they have a brilliant idea, and perseverance, and guts, and that they have had a lot of compliments from people who certainly say they want to buy it, and that they have to strike advice in the wind, and “Go for it”, and have to focus , and the hero are of their story. As before. Like the brain distortion’s fairy tales We told ourselves for 2005.

That there are still a lot of novice entrepreneurs walking around looking for Heroes glory is a big problem.

Because the hero in the story of each startup is… The market.

Not the entrepreneur.

Not your genetic predisposition. Not your heroism.

Therefore, be the first to train the masochistic desire to get uneven .By nature you do not have the will to want to make things a success but to get right about the way.And you have to get rid of it. First! That own wisdom from Steve Jobs? So you obviously don’t want to buy those state lottery tickets as well.

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