What is the secret of human evolution?

Instructions for the next stage on the evolutionary ladder

Our minds today are mainly responsible for our outside world.However, it actually creates an analysis from the internal and external information. The feeling is responsible for the respective inner world that reveals itself via our nervous system and the respective messenger substances that are released, and this feeling sends its signals to the mind. If the feelings are no longer felt, the mind will only try to analyze via external signals and then you will begin to take the feelings immediately from the mind. This imbalance between the true feelings and the pure building of thought hurts you to the deepest (cognitive dissonance).

The less you feel, the more obsessed you will be with your thoughts.Because then you literally lack the sense of feeling. Then you just have to disassemble and disassemble everything or you focus unilaterally on issues of lack and fear. After all, the mind needs more and more words and explanations. He examines everything, focuses, disassembles and creates more and more parts. These parts are getting new and more and more words. However, these words are always more and more information, which also lead to more and more misunderstandings and disputes about all the many interpretations and interpretations. But words also have an energy. They have a sound, they create a certain feeling – an energy. If you are not aware of this inner feeling, because you have packed everything superficially in boxes and just walk edits over, then you are manipulable. What you don’t know about yourself, you can’t know about another. You talk past each other in countless words because you are focusing only on the differences to explain your inner fear and needs, instead of finally seeing that we have all these feelings in common.

And all these unrecognized feelings that trigger in you shrill “alarm and blue-light” you mean to recognize in the other, which leads to a constant judgment and condemnation.But every feeling is always your feeling. Every fearful thought comes out of YOU. The other fights just the same fight as you. He fights or flees, but it is your unknown fears and your unrecognized needs inside – it does not come from outside. At most as a total energy (mass consciousness) which draws you even deeper into it. Externally, however, only your unconscious inner world is reflected. Your partner only reflects your own unrecognized fears and needs.

All fear ends where feeling and mind are finally allowed to go in sync and we become aware of our true needs as human beings.That’s where evolution wants. Every living being on this planet will only undergo a meaningful evolution if it is in permanent conscious resonance with its inner and outer world. The better a living being succeeds in this equally weighted resonance, the faster and more fruitful its further development will succeed. And this can only happen at this very moment (now). The mind does a great job on your own if you just let it go, free yourself from your narrowing beliefs, and be yourself again. With all the feelings above which, however, an inner serenity now rests. Then you also synchronized your permanent rhythm of tension and relaxation. It is challenging and equally beneficial. The past and the future only take place now, no matter what you think about it. It presents not only what you have thought and felt about yourself and your environment in the past, but also what you will think and feel tomorrow.

You can continue to defend and resist the moment and thus against life.Then it just hurts. And it hurts more and more. Your human life expectancy has fallen significantly in recent centuries, and she is singing faster and faster. The rate of life-threatening diseases increases to a dizzying extent. Your nervous system and immune system is a disaster and you are trying to educate the body like a machine. And that is why you no longer trust anyone, and at the very least you are defending yourself.

For millennia, we have all been told the fairy tale of “the elect”.Only they had all the secret knowledge, only some would be particularly suitable, only the most powerful could speak to “God”. Actually, however, it was the Saints. Holy means wholeness – synchronicity – resonance!

Whoever hears voices would be obsessed with the devil, you have been told.And today you say these people are psychotic. But what about the many voices in your own mind? Are they not getting louder and more urgent? And each voice tells you something different. This happens to you because you are separated from yourself and you have given your thoughts the “sole domination” of all decisions (which “the elect” are to make for you). But with “God” and with each other, we can all speak. And knowledge is also available to everyone simply, freely. Inform yourself. There are wonderful discoveries made by courageous freelance researchers and scientists.

And in the moment when a gap arises in you – between feeling and thought – since you have been aware of yourself and your environment.There you are connected with everything and the intuition in you, goes far beyond a lukewarm gut feeling. Someone once said, “Intuition is the language of God.” It reveals itself value-neutral but noticeable and does not come with dramatic thoughts and loud noises in the body. It is an inner knowledge without immediately stoking words about it. You always know more when the time comes or you learn to use the gap to listen. Just as you have to learn to ask your own and right questions again and trust that you will get the answer somewhere and at some point. Whenever your subconscious has gathered enough information about it and you do it together as often as possible with your consciousness/i.e. your attention. Attention to your feelings, your fears, and also to the insults and wounds in you. They all just want to be recognized by recognizing their usefulness. They point you to an imbalance and will continue to do so until you can finally see that imbalance.

This planet is so perfect in itself.We have gone over the millions of years of evolution, deep into our bodies (instincts). From the instincts, the manifold emotions have developed more and more in the living beings. Living beings have feelings. Then we began to think about our outside world, to observe and analyze it. A new meaning was born. It was an incredible leap of evolution. Since then, the mind has evolved and tried. But at some point, we humans started to overestimate it completely. As if you were to switch off the sense of hearing and the sense of smell, or to restrict it, and simply skip all other senses just because we can see with our eyes….

However, a holistic perception is only possible through all physical senses.When you have wiped out the natural peoples, you have missed the balance that it could have brought to our civilization (just because of this fairy tale of the “chosen”), and now it is becoming more and more painful for everyone on this planet. !!! And the mind will collapse, I swear to you. People with nerve disorders and dementia are getting younger and younger. Mental illnesses and addictions are rising rapidly. Your reward system is constantly crying out for satisfaction because you don’t feel alive.

Just let our planet, perfected in millions of years, do its job again.All the mental and physical illnesses point us to this serious imbalance. On the wrong perspective. You are not your thoughts. You are the one who can perceive the thoughts. You are also not your feelings, but the one who can perceive these feelings. You are the truer who does not evaluate, but observes. This truer is perfectly connected to his body and his environment. Faith we would be our thoughts and feelings, making life on this planet more and more painful and more and more agonizing. Life is no longer felt. You try to feel alive through thinking. You know what a good music track feels like. How liberating dancing, singing, laughing can be. But also tears help you get rid of inner pressure and thus also reduce inner tensions.

We are still out of sync in our hearts and minds.However, every fearful thought comes from YOU itself. Every feeling you feel is your feeling. But you pretend that they belong to the other who would produce them in you. But the other is just fighting his own fight… Most people don’t want to think about you all day and do something bad, but they just try to stay afloat.

The last centuries, the unspeakable violence we are doing to ourselves and others, have deeply traumatized us, and the traces of these traumas are also visible all around us.This planet cries and screams. And you cry and cry, your animals cry and scream. They find your programming disturbing because they communicate about feeling and their body language. They are literally begging you to come back to the present and finally feel you again. So that you can finally feel them again. They are perfect little creatures and you treat them like machines you can use and program.

The way you treat your animals and your children is also how you treat yourself.Rather deal with your animals like a toddler, talk to them about your emotional world. Laugh and romp, cuddle and talk to them. Watch them. They are so infinitely grateful, for every waking moment of you. They know their body much better than you do. They already show you where they are afraid, underwhelmed, overwhelmed or simply starving emotionally. But there are treats. Using this as a reward or even for reassurance is fine. But not for programming. A dog serves you faithfully and devotedly. A dog who is allowed to use his senses will feel emotionally full and comfortable. He will find Leckerlis great as a pure speciality. The animals absorb so much of your energies.

If you have anxious animals, look into you.Where are your fears, where have you been unsure? Feelings generate pure energy in all of us. You can feel this clearly when you allow yourself to feel strong feelings again. And fear has a strong energy that radiates inside and out. If it is suppressed for too long, it becomes dangerous for the anxious and/or his outside world. The mind then gets louder and louder, the thoughts get even more priority. Depression, anxiety disorders, narcissism (rage), autoimmune diseases, nerve disorders, addictions…

You need ever worse war and horror movies to relax and you need ever harder sexual fantasies to calm your mind down.Animals bear and give birth completely innocent offspring and are perfect in raising their offspring and then releasing them into their independence. Meat is so much more nutritious and healthier for you when it comes from happy animals. Then you can enjoy again and don’t need to eat more and more constantly to calm you down, to feel alive because you can enjoy briefly about your sense of taste. And others of you are vomiting out of a sense of guilt, or they are trying to feel their hunger. This emotional hunger is expressed in anorexia.

And there’s always “chosen ones!”The conspiracy theorists talk about the elites… But they are as imbalanced as you are. All the rich, the wise, the strong, the beautiful… The feelers, however, make her look ridiculous. Because feelings are now only triggering you. But people who feel and can observe the feelings also know how to behave at the moment. They are self-reflective, or otherwise: they are aware of themselves (self-confidence = self-reflection). Reflection means mirroring. The observer you are recognizes in himself the feelings because he feels them and thereby also recognizes the feelings in the other. Empathy! He hears the thoughts TO the feelings and learns to interpret them better and better. All this only needs consciousness and this is present in all of us. Consciousness means presence or attention – in the here and now.

Your children want to talk to you.They tell you about stories, pictures, dreams and how they play everything you need to give them the support they need to recognize their strengths and weaknesses and to train their own personal talents. You should support them in their very own personality, help them to understand their environment and their fellow human beings. Your children don’t need programs, and certainly don’t feel like they’re ignorant and stupid as children. They just express themselves differently and are much more honest than most adults with themselves. They don’t have to become something tomorrow. They live here and now, your children are reachable. You do not speak the language of your children because you no longer speak your inner language. Everything belongs together and everything learns from each other. Everyone is the other student and teacher alike. To have humility and respect for someone else’s life and path is such a fertile and fulfilling ground. There comes love and connection. There pain is transformed into something new, where a completely new meaning unfolds, which is to be born in us. This sense tells us everything we need to know about the feelings and motives of other creatures. It gives us security and confidence. It helps us to experience a more conscious, holistic perception.

Children and animals could be your healing (healing = become whole) but you have been missing this chance since then.You skip your development if you are not in your body and your feeling. When the mind is used in sync with the feelings (first feeling in themselves, then thinking), it becomes such a fantastic tool. It works as it is meant…

“Enlightenment”, “redemption”, “paradise” (“the kingdom of God is in the midst of you” is nothing but to perceive one’s consciousness in the body, which makes all the experiences.What was once only possible for a few is now possible for ALL people!!! Those who have recognized the importance of every feeling no longer stray against the feeling, even if it is still so unpleasant at first. On the contrary. He accepts the feeling as it is and knows that at this moment he has exactly what he has to do and he does what he does very well.

This man is connected with “heaven and earth”, one might say (male.- Mind / white. – Feeling , = “the Chymic Wedding” ) and he has the ability, in the course of evolution, to develop again and again a whole new sense from the union of all other senses. Your mind and body have now experienced long enough, both extremes (the extremes in feeling and the extremes in thinking). The synchronization of both senses is now what creates something completely new in you, if YOU allow it. You yourself!

Feeling in the present opens up a space, right between the inner feeling and the next thought.The knowledge of what emerges there goes far beyond fragmented, one-sided, superficial and panicked thinking. You must practice in the present and stick to your feelings. Yes, it is now easy for you to practice, to be present again – to be where life takes place only. HERE and NOW! Evolution has not stopped just because we can build atomic bombs. It takes place NOW, or not at all. The present is the 4th dimension to explore, where there is the timelessness in which everything grows, thrives and lives. The life you are and which is reflected everywhere. What you trust or don’t trust others, you’re going to do to yourself, or not. Don’t let the fairy tale tell you, only the brightest, richest and the most beautiful, know how life goes. No, often they only accumulate an infinite amount of Crimean scramble on the outside, because they feel so empty inside. The mind does not generate very many feelings in us. Only when he goes into drama. So it needs to be extremely stressed so that you can feel alive. Look into your life. How much drama have you created around you to feel some life in you?

Those who are empty inwardly become ruthless.He can’t feel himself or others. And he needs to feel alive about success. He is right to do so. Like a drug addict or an alcoholic who at least prefers to accept the pain than to feel nothing at all. At least a rhythm of life is felt here. From high to low. But rather feel like nothing. Unfortunately, however, these extremes are also paid so dearly. Mostly even with life. This is also a way to mature and grow. Watching yourself, getting to know different perceptions and recognizing that there is a constant instance in you that has always been you, that is not even affected by the physical effect of the substance, but this instance simply perceives. Life is so exciting when you look at it from the right perspective. It’s in and out of you.

Please start using your mind and stop letting him use you.Only those who feel can experience inner and outer fullness. Otherwise, thoughts, addictions and greed continue to be compensated and this path is very expensively paid and extremely painful and it will not be any easier until you get into your inner and outer balance or the imbalance, as so often miserably kill you. (through wars against an external enemy, cancer, dementia, cardiovascular problems, mental illness esonies and suicide).

What you do to your planet, you do to yourself. Each individual !!!The subconscious knows no “DU” and “I”. What you think about someone else, it assumes, as if you think about yourself. It becomes an inner feeling within you. Then you start to feel insecure and inferior and have to suppress others again in order to feel better for a short time, or to believe that we have something under control. You think(!) to know everything and know nothing at all. Nothing about you and nothing about the other. The purpose of life is to live with all the challenges and feelings of enjoying the ride. Without guilt and without fear. Take back responsibility for your feelings, see the blessing that can be in resonance with your environment, beating heart. Feelings of pain and sorrow must be experienced. All of this may be there. It’s love you feel. Love for oneself and for others.
Be so good and take the message, should it reach you in your heart – and just share it under your own name.We have become “people believers” enough. But it is so much more important WHAT is said than WHO has said something. We are all the elect, otherwise we would not be here now !!!

If you have something in your heart when reading, help and simply share this text under your own name.We have become “people believers” enough. But it is so much more important WHAT is said than WHO has said something. We are all “the elect”, otherwise we would not be here !!!

Anonymous, of one/m who has freed himself/he/he and who is connected to the whole.

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