What is the relationship between Scrum and Agile?

When I started my first Scrum team in 1993 at the company Easel[1This was based on the work of Takeuchi and Nonaka (see also the new new Product Development Game, Harvard Business Review, 1986[2).In addition to implementing a team management structure, as researched by Professors Takeuchi and Nonaka in the best lean companies in the world, we have also added almost all the best patterns we saw then in software development (see Coplien, Agile Organizational Patterns of Agile Development). We also have an advanced acceptance Test driven Development (Accept Test Driven Development-with a variant of Test Driven Development), pair programming, continuous integration, etc. What best practices are in software development of XP (eXtreme Programming). Kent Beck asked me in 1995 to send him all the information about Scrum because he started developing XP at that time. During that same year, Ken Schwaber worked with me to formalize Scrum on OOPSLA 芒 鈧劉 95[3.Ken argued that we would not use the patterns that would end up in XP in Scrum because otherwise it was difficult to enter. We should keep the focus on team organizational practice and allow continuous improvement to do the work to enable specific engineering practices in Scrum when needed.

In 2001 Kent, Ken and I teamed up with 14 other thought leaders at the Snowbird resort in Utah.There we wrote The Agile manifesto which described the four values where Scrum, XP, DSDM, Crystal and Feature Driven Development could agree (these were the agile practices represented by us in the meeting). We also formulated a dozen or so principles that endorsed the values (see also Manifesto for Agile Software Development).

The best Scrum teams implement XP engineering practices within Scrum.The best XP teams will apply Scrum to XP as this helps them in scaling and helps them take advantage of the high performance increase that is possible with Scrum.

So Agile is a set of four values and is not an operational application.The application of Scrum and XP is 75% of what people call Agile.


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Scrum is an Agile Framework.

Like test driven development, extreme programing, an, Lean and other frameworks can be.

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