What is the relationship between Apple and IBM?

Friendly benevolent – since no more PC’s dispersed and also no smartphones in the portfolio.With the fringe districts of iCloud, both don’t get in the way.

The following article from 2015 fell into my hands – how up-to-date it is and what became of the declarations of intent?

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Apple Press Release: Apple and IBM Enter Global Partnership to Transform Enterprise Mobility

IBM & Apple iPad Business:

Business – Products and Platforms


Mobile solutions for enterprise mobility | IBM Mobile

Apple & IBM Introduce New Class of Mobile Business Solutions

21.6.15: IBM and Apple working on an app for teachers:


The collaboration between Apple and IBM has already produced numerous apps for the professional business sector.

As has now become known, both companies are also developing an app for teachers to help with the performance recording and later grading of the students.

For some time now, Apple has been working with IBM to provide business apps to companies.Until now, these have been aimed at airlines, retailers, banks and financial service providers, for example. As the Copell Gazette now reports, both companies are further expanding this cooperation.

Under the working title “Student Achievement App”, both develop an app solution for teachers.This is intended to better record and analyse the students’ performance in order to assist with the awarding of grades. Next year, the app will be tested in four U.S. school districts.


Apple and IBM aim to drive enterprise mobility

IBM to sell iPhones and iPads in the future


For years, Apple has had a strong standing in the consumer market with its iPhones and iPads.Now the American manufacturer also wants to conquer the enterprise business. Ibm has been looking for an experienced partner for this.

It’s a huge market.IPads and iPhones have long since made their way into companies. However, they are not yet properly anchored in the corporate network and in existing applications, such as ERP and CRM systems.

That is about to change.Apple will work with IBM in the future. According to the press release, this is intended to “change mobility in companies through a whole new category of apps”. The partnership is based on four pillars:

Develop over 100 industry-specific enterprise solutions, including native apps, IBM cloud services optimized exclusively for iPhone and iPad for iOS, including device management, security, analytics, and mobile integration of new AppleCare service, and Support tailored to the needs of a business and new preconfigured offerings from IBM to activate, deploy, and manage devices.

Win-win situation

IBM’s knowledge of big data and its analytics skills is of great importance. Apple, on the other hand, contributes its experience in retail, hardware and software integration, and the developer platform.

As part of the exclusive “IBM MobileFirst for iOS Agreement,” IBM will also sell iPhones and iPads to enterprise customers worldwide with its industry-specific solutions.

“For the first time ever, we’re bringing IBM’s well-known big data analytics into the fingers of iOS users, opening up a big market opportunity for Apple.This is a fundamental step for businesses and is something that only Apple and IBM can deliver,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.

At the end of the year we start

The first mobile-first solutions will be available from autumn this year.Specifically, solutions for the retail, healthcare, banking and insurance, travel and transportation sectors and the telecommunications industry are mentioned. However, the IBM MobileFirst platform for iOS not only wants to be an app supplier, but also wants to integrate all business processes: from analytics, worker processes and cloud storage to the management, backup and integration of devices. In addition to the on-premises software solutions, all of these services will be available on Bluemix, IBM’s development platform on their cloud marketplace. IBM is also introducing MobileFirst Supply and Management to deploy, activate, and manage devices for iPhone and iPad with leasing options.

Manufacturers will also work together on service in the future.AppleCare for Business will provide 24/7 support to IT departments and end users, with an on-site service provided by IBM.

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