What is the raardest thing a teacher has ever done during a lesson?

Our chemistry teacher was an unpleasant man.He put you in front of you if you didn’t know the answer, the lesson was going to you, and his lessons never fell out.

Normally we were a busy class, only with him were we of those makke lambs who dared not to make eye contact and gave answers with squeaks.We were terrified of him.

One day he indicated that we were allowed to leave our books in the bag and we went to make a nice lesson .We had to sit in a circle. In the middle of the circle he placed a gas burner, turned it on and placed a stool for that.

He himself was on that stool.The idea was that he would throw random things into the gas burner and that it would be nice to see what kind of reaction it gave.

He threw sugar, coffee, tea, milk powder and other things in it. It was a true spectacle.What a fun we had.


At one point he threw something into it.Unfortunately I do not know what it was, but there was a huge flame of fire.In a reflex I shot with my chair backwards. When I opened my eyes I saw that the teacher’s curly hair was on fire. “Whaaah, Whaaaa, Whaaah”, he cried as he extinguished the fire with his hand.

No one did what.With big eyes we watched the scene.

The fun lesson was immediately over.Silently we ran it locally. Once on the corridor we burst into laughter.

The physics lesson was given alongside the local of a rowdy history teacher.

A door was locked between the two rooms.

Our physics teacher irritated herself.

After a few minutes of ascending irritation he walked to the cabinet with chemicals, grabbed a spray bottle, put the contents of a dark bottle in it and quickly sprayed it through the keyhole of the door between the two premises.

After a short time the noise stopped from the local history and everyone left the room.

Our teacher showed butyric acid by having sprayed the keyhole, a well whose scent keeps the middle between decaying cheese and vomit.

That was during my civic integration course.One of the lessons was about the education of HIV and sex diseases. The lesson was given by a lecturer of Ghanaian origin. At the beginning of the lesson, the teacher gave each student a balloon that we then had to blow up. Then we had to put our balloons on the chair and then sit on them.

Some people were afraid to sit on it, some of them were plodding straight away, some balloons were still intact but most of course no longer.芒 鈧?艗the unprotected sex is just like on a balloon going zitten芒 鈧? the teacher announced with serious face to it. 芒 鈧?艗some of you were afraid to sit on it, and they are right. Of those who were not afraid, some did have luck but most not芒 鈧?

After this metaphor he showed some large photo芒 鈧劉 s of male and female genitals afflicted by the genus diseases.In order to make his presentation more vivid, he had to scribble and moan occasionally to his cross: 芒 鈧?艙Oh Jesus! 芒 鈧?p>

Among the students there was an incredibly beautiful Pakistani girl, Nadia she was called and she was just wonderful and that not only found the men in the classroom but also the women.The last were not even jealous. So the mother looks at her beloved daughter who has become much nicer than her mother when she was still young. Her beauty was not exactly remarkable or sexy, but very fine, pure and innocent, just as if it were a very beautiful child and not an adult woman. She looked startled at the foto芒 鈧劉 s he showed and hid himself almost entirely under her dupatta (Head veil).

When the foto芒 鈧劉 s were on, the teacher winked and gave everyone a packed condom.Then he started to rap a bit and swing:

Imagine you are at a party, and you come to a nice maid or guest against

And you immediately manage to take them home,

Or do not measure, but does not matter.

You have to make sure that you are using a condom.

And now I want to ask you,

Or anyone knows how to properly carry that thing.

I have a big black dick with me

So who wants to start first

Oh Jesus, do not be so modest

Will we start with Nadia?

His rap was suddenly broken down because Nadia as a true Speedy Gonzales ran out of the room.The teacher rumbled in his bag, pulled out a large black artificial penis and explained what miscommunication meant. That he actually meant this object and not his own job instrument.

Later I heard that he did not give lessons of sex education anymore.Some people claim, that Nadia芒 鈧劉 s father has complained. With a knife. By the way, the teacher has come well. He has won the municipal elections in Amsterdam.

During a history lesson about the Soviet union, we talked about Boris Yeltsin.

When we were making the explanations, he opened up 芒 鈧?虄ie de la and grabbed a mask from that same president.He did so, went at the door, and when a number of pupils entered the classroom he scared them.

Haha, great.

‘, ‘ in the 80ER years I had a mathematics teacher who became a supporter of Baghwan, was for us already a shock that after the summer holiday he suddenly came in pink/purple clothes, but suddenly during a lesson to sit down meditate and cancel mantras while we are busy with a key Had cost him his job in the long run, a pity it was a very suitable pear, only some of the path.

“,” Well, just hold on, I still have some stories to tell.

This story I will never forget: It was spring, nice weather outside, and my class had geography.Our Ak lecturer is a bit apart, but nice. He could keep order effortlessly. Outside were birds whistling, and the teacher was mad about it. He said, “What do I have a dislike of all that whistling!”

One of the pupils, let’s call him Jan, saw that as an invitation and then went to express whistle.The teacher said he had to quit, or he would throw Jan out of the window. Jan found this funny, and went on. Then the teacher went to him, grabbed him at his collar and pulled him to the window. He opened the window further and pushed Jan in part. “You love whistling anyway?” he asked, “Just go to the birds whistle!”

Everyone had to laugh hard, and everything came out well though.

Another time, with the same AK lecturer, someone was clicking with his pen (which he also dislikes), and he asked if anyone wanted to keep up with it.In the front were Kees and Klaas (nepnamen). Klaas was clicking with his pen, but the teacher thought it was Kees. So he grabbed Kees his pen and slammed that on the ground. Then Kees said, “Yes but Sir, I was not. That was Klaas. ” The teacher slammed when Klaas got his pen out of the window and told Klaas that he had to pick up Kees his pen.

A third time, with the AK lecturer, then he had told us about how he had once split another class from beautiful to ugly!People with spectacles had to be on the third row, people with braces on the fourth, and people with glasses and braces on the back row. They were first-class welders who had not yet spent his humor. Very Sneu, a few started crying. It was a joke, but he had the wrong audience for himself.

We also had a very crazy, but GREAT history teacher.He had a lot of fun jokes. He also told once: “and then after the war, the League of Nations came! These were all countries that went together. But later, Ethiopia was attacked, who was also a member of the League of Nations, but NO ONE did anything! And then everyone knew of yes, those nations league he, which actually does not exist. It’s kinda like the defense of Ajax, you think it’s there but it’s not really there at all! “

A few angry Ajax fans started protesting, was also very lollig.

This needs explanations.

I attended a free School.Don’t ask me why, but there are some legends where free school pupils have to delve into the fourth, fifth and sixth grade high school respectively (Nibelungen, Parzival and Faust). This is done in so-called period lessons, which are given every day for the first two hours, before the ordinary classes start. Zo芒 鈧劉 N period lasts for several weeks, and then you get another again. Regular courses were also offered in the form of regular classes.

Well, those stories so.We had an incredibly fine teacher who can tell you beautifully. Over The Parzivallegende he has once recorded a song/clip with his pupils, an adaptation of Parsifal by Elly Nieman.Everyone in school knows that song.

In addition to this period lessons with the legends, this lecturer teaches Society doctrine.And now it comes:

We were quietly working in our society textbook, suddenly a guitar and a voice sounds:

Parsifal, Knight from an old story, King of the Golden Grail, 芒 鈧劉 t is already centuries ago

That you came, with the sun on your face, to look for the great light and the cup of peace

Quite apart, but so much fun!

In class physics, the whole classroom is baptized in a bath of mercury.So that we could feel the hydrostatic pressure. Now unthinkable (heavily toxic vapours) but an experience, feels as if someone is dressing your thumb and squeezes it HARD.

It was 1964 on the RHBS.The Director gave physics and this man was regularly hysterical. Then he went all the way through the ribbon and the whole school could hear him screaming and swearing. Always Had a butt in his mouth corner and the shaft fell on his suit because it was never ticking in an ashtray. Clearly not suitable as a teacher/director.

We had a lesson on levers.There were several weights on the table, the heaviest was 10 kg. Something happened in the classroom, forgetting what but the man suddenly became hysterical again. He demanded clarification of who had done something. Of course there was nothing and everyone looked at a neutral point. Then he walked with that weight of 10 kg to the first row. There was the brakest boy of the Class (a scout and his father was Hopman…). He shouted: ‘ Put your hand on the table! ‘ That’s what Jaap did and for someone had something to watch that weight was put on top of his hand with a blow. Jaap has walked with a sling for 2 weeks. No police, no action, the teachers were still pretty sacred.

I see something like this nowadays not happen quickly anymore and certainly not without action afterwards!

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