What is the quickest and best way to improve my memory, cognitive abilities and concentration range?

A really fast way is not there, but you can, if you want, quickly get better for both.

As far as memory is concerned, it is quite obvious: a good memory requires training and only a very good memory is capable of power play.(think of young children in China who have been given the scriptures in their childhood).

Specialists can even create a memory palace in their heads and then, after one reading of a certain item list, they immediately cancel all in the correct order (and sometimes even the reverse).They do this by laying 1 item somewhere in a place in that palace and then going off all the way (e.g. As if you were walking through a corridor). Of course, you can’t ask Sinterklaas.

Cognitive skills on their part can train and practice on 100 and 1 ways (depends, of course, on what you know below.Being successful in a particular computer game is also a form of heightened cognitive ability). All those IQ-forming tests and puzzles can have their effect, it is also not that you are per se (much) of more intelligent as such. You can always go for a certain style and build a series of good practices in terms of thinking, image shaping and judging.


In short, go for that awake, smooth brain that is constantly alert. Always wait for a moment with judgements or judgement simply not if it is not necessary (or trivial), or acknowledge the contradiction and play with it.

Always try to be as open as possible and let the things (people) speak for themselves as much as possible, before determining, for yourself, where it stands (the game is called ideation, the risk is called confabulation).

In the typical case, when selecting information (e.g. a political theme), people unknowingly go in search of arguments that confirm their intuition/opinion (the ubiquitous confirmation bias) and do not have an eye for what is out there.

They will also, of course, make free room for arguments that fight the opposite (I will explain why you are wrong), but that typically happens from the own perspective-not that of the other party (which you therefore do not Will convince you).This resignation is however a separate exercise that has its value. For instance, criticism from your opponent at your address can suddenly look very different if you agree full from their point of view, so the opposite, looks (sensitivities!). Sometimes, if you are so brave and honest to do the exercise, this can expose a void in your own argumentation. And that’s where it suddenly becomes interesting, because just by taking it into account, you can ultimately strengthen your own theory and make it more effective, or you will come back to new things. Nuance is important.

Some more examples:

  • Once S silence in a typical situation where you would otherwise speak (to break patterns)-can work very surprisingly for all parties
  • There are good methods and bad, sometimes there are several possible
  • Opinions sometimes seem to differ though they actually say the same thing.

So do not fall into the trap of semantic rigidity

  • Someone says something and another responds-you typically look at the reaction of the protagonists.
  • You can also look at the expression of an omsider or a secondary player-can be very revealing

    It’s not necessarily that you have to be more rational compared to less intuitive.Quite the contrary, just because you want to score optimally with your intuition/through your judgement, it is worthwhile there (= the situation, the story, the incident, the conversation, the proposal,..) Not to impose a form of yourself too early, because it will be the interpretation of the contribute E/Facts on hand immediately colors and send a certain direction which is not necessarily optimal.

    In one of his letters, Zenmeester Yuan Wu (1036 -1135) describes it as:

    If you are able to quickly turn on top of things, then everything will be on your subjects, and everything is in your grasp.Catch and unload, roll up and roll out-everything becomes formable.


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