What is the problem with relationships in today’s society?

One of my dearest friends has a beautiful daughter.Ronnie is a beautiful, talented and successful 40-year-old woman.

Eight years ago, when she was 32, she met a great guy at work who was a year older than her but had a great position in the company.

Be in love, move in together and make a marriage proposal.

Since they were both single, they began to hang out, fell in love and moved together.

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Everything went well until they were together for two years, and he surprised them by making an application to her on her 34th birthday.

She rejected him.

Although they had discussed that they were moving towards marriage, she decided when he suggested that she was not yet finished searching.


The grass just needs to get greener.

Yes, for a better option.

She decided that she might find a guy who was more successful, made more money, was more exciting, funnier, and perfect in every way.

Ronnie wanted everything and more in a marriage and decided that there simply had to be someone who was much better than he was who she could find.

When she rejected her husband, he was shocked and had a broken heart.

He immediately moved out and stopped contacting her.

It was awkward at work, so Ronnie left the company and got a job somewhere else.

Type #2

A year later, she met another man and they began spending time together.Type #2 wasn’t nearly as great as her ex-boyfriend.

She eventually left guy #2 because she was disappointed with him.Ronnie didn’t think he was worth their time or patience to develop into a relationship.

Ronnie quickly moved on and thought she could definitely do better in love.

She wanted immediate satisfaction.Her perfect guy was out there and she would find him without wasting all her time with someone who is not acceptable.

In search of the elusive green grass

From guy #2, she quickly made her way to guy #3, #4 and #5.

Every guy was much worse than the previous guy and all of them fell very far behind their very first ex-boyfriend who had made a request to her.

At least she thought so because she didn’t give any of the guys a real chance.If they didn’t look like a simple relationship, she was out in no time.

Although it has been a few years since she rejected his marriage proposal, she has taken the courage to turn to her ex-boyfriend.

To their shock, he had met someone else, married and they were expecting their first child.

Ronnie was devastated.

Not only had she lost a great guy, she didn’t find a single guy who was nearly as good.Now that she is 40, the selection becomes very thin.

She hasn’t been with another man for a while and recently told me she’s given up.

Then she said, “I should have accepted this marriage proposal.I was an idiot.”

Ronnie didn’t let love grow into the perfect relationship she dreamed of.

When it was too late, she realized she had stopped and walked away from the man who was really the best for her.

You know what they say, you sleep and you lose.

Not an isolated case

Unfortunately, Ronnie is not an isolated case.

Personally, I know at least 10 other women in the same situation.

All these women, all in their mid-to-late 30s, had very good relationships with men and women.

They all walked away thinking they could do better.

They couldn’t and they didn’t.

Many people do not have the time to commit themselves to love.

why?I don’t think any of them really understand what love is all about.

They don’t want to make some of the sacrifices that require love and commitment.

It’s not just about fun and games, excitement and thrills.

Love takes time.

It means investing in another person and going through the good times with them as well as the bad ones.It also means learning to love someone unconditionally.

Life is always fun and games.Commitment can be hard work. But it’s worth it.

Not everyone will agree, but I personally believe that this is one of the biggest problems with relationships in today’s society.

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