What is the Pomodoro method?

How does the Pomodoro technique work?

Time management usually revolves around three key questions:

  1. What are my specific goals?
  2. How much time does I have?
  3. How can I make good use of the available time?

The Pomodoro technique is a simple, and therefore ingenious, time management method that includes all three core questions and thus ensures structured and concentrated work.

Brain research has proven that concentration can only be maintained in the long term if we take regular breaks.This allows us to reduce distractions, remove blockages and make our work more efficient.

The Pomodoro technique ensures that work and breaks build up in a regulated structure.For this purpose, time units are divided for working (25 minutes) and break times (5 minutes).

Incidentally, the technique was developed by an Italian named Francesco Cirillo.Rumour scan tasked with the name Pomodoro Technique (Pomodoro Italian for tomato) was that he used an egg clock that looked like a tomato to measure the time.

The Pomodoro technique consists of 6 steps

  1. Formulate daily goals / tasks in writing
  2. Set the clock to 25 minutes and work on your task
  3. Then you can take a 5-minute break
  4. Repeat this cycle another 3 times
  5. After a total of 4 Pomodoro cycles you should take a break of about 30 minutes
  6. Before you start the next cycle, check to see if the priority of the tasks has changed.

If so, adjust your cycle planning accordingly

Pros and cons at a glance


  • The method motivates you not to be distracted and to work concentrated
  • Regular breaks reduce tension and provide the necessary rest periods
  • Projects or

Tasks can be precisely planned. Larger tasks can be divided into time units, which are gradually processed.

  • The Pomodoro technology is simple and therefore easy to implement
  • Contra:

    • The division of larger projects into small units of time runs the risk of losing sight of the big picture
    • Many people really get into the flow after 20-25 minutes and reach their most productive and focused state.

    A pause at this very stage abruptly pulls us out of this state

  • The method requires a certain degree of structure and discipline from its user.
  • Creative minds, lateral thinkers and chaos kings will have their difficulties with the Pomodoro technique.

    In our blog post: Pomodoro-Technik – More efficiency for your time management (05/2018) you will find even more information about this method and even the “Pomodoro Fact-Sheet” as a free download!

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