What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you?

There are a few stories I could tell, but I’ll tell the latter.

When I decided to divorce with my ex, I had to start all over again: because I left everything to my ex, and because during our relationship I did not have my own money and I possessed nothing, the first thing I needed was mobility.That’s why I bought a cheap second hand car with one of my first salaries of the VPRO.

I bought a second hand Renault Clio, it was a well known car and seemed alright.

But after a few months it broke down regularly, everything seemed wrong and the car salesman had deceived me: even the tires of the car weren’t of the same size!

I continued to go to the trusted garage behind my ex’s house for repairs and maintenance.Until the Clio finally broke down completely. I spent the last few months spending so much money on this car and its repairs….. They told me: It’s not worth it anymore, you have to buy a new car.

And luckily that was just when I got my holiday money.So I took a whole day off and scraped the holiday plans I had from the budget booklet, and went on a hunt for a new car. I found a nice BMW series 3 and bought it. Second car in more than a year time.

My finances were on a low burner, and I was hoping I would not have bought a car this time that would break down every few weeks.

Well…. Less than 3 months after my purchase it was official that I would not get a fixed contract with the VPRO and therefore would be unemployed, and…. The BMW went broke: It started to overheat on the highway.

The time for me to go to the next exit….. It was smelly and smoking and wouldn’t drive anymore. I parked it on the roadside and took a taxi home: It was on a Saturday, my garage was closed, and I had no ANWB.

Monday I asked my garage to drag the car and see what was going on….. Initially they thought they could fix it…. But in the end it turned out to be a very expensive repair, more expensive than the price I paid to buy the car.I was devastated. The people in the garage told me: even if we fix it, you’ll probably get more repairs later.

I begged them to fix it anyway, hoping that it would take up my first salary of my new job.

I explained my situation: I had to find a new job, I had no more savings, I was obliged to travel with the co-parenthood, and I live in a different city than where my children go to school, I do not live near the station , and the days would really be too heavy for my kids if I didn’t have a car.

The owner of the garage came to me and she said:

芒 鈧?艗listen, this is not going to work.

If we fix this car, it’s like throwing money into the trash. I was going to offer my personal car for sale in the garage, but you can have it for a small price, I don’t make a profit, but I want to help you. We can also arrange deadlines so that you don’t have to pay the car all in 脙 漏 脙 漏 n times. 芒 鈧?p>

I swear to God, I burst into tears.

You know, the pressure on me was so terrible.

In the past year I felt under so much pressure to give my children a good life, even though I left their father.Press to find a good home, to keep their lives as comfortable as possible, to have a well balanced rhythm despite the co-parenthood…. And I had to cancel the holiday because of car problems, and then I lost my job and afraid to travel far away for a new job (that would mean more hours at the childcare for my daughters), my savings was on and the car broke down…. I felt so rotten. Moreover, because I carry all these matters on my own. I don’t have a family, this is not my country, so I don’t have the close circle of friends who can help or at least give some emotional support.

The fact that this woman has done this for me has really touched me deeply. And it helped me so much.

And really, of all the used cars that you can buy, is that of the owner of a garage not the best choice?The maintenance is definitely done!

The relief and gratitude that I felt are still very intense.

It is now since September that I have this car, and a small thing had to be repaired, and the garage has taken care of it at minimal cost.

This little Mercedes runs well and I’m so glad someone has given me a break.

Someone helped me out of nowhere and I am very thankful for it.

Oja and I am now closed to ANWB.

Once I was by car on the way to the evening-Pont in Harwich.We came from North Wales and that was the early eighties of the last century a route without highways and it took at least an hour or seven. To not miss the Pont (reserved place) We were left well on time. We were so ordinary and depending on how prosperous that trip went, we then had very ample or just enough time to eat. Harwich itself was not as liking as restaurant-town, so that food we did at about a minute or twenty from the Pont, in Wrabness or Manningtree. The last part of the route was a nice inner road, the B1352, to Harwich. The food was tasty and cozy, the striker was over, and we went well with the Volvo 144 further.

At about five minutes before arrival in Parkeston Quay, flat tire.And then we had at most fifteen minutes before the deadline. With three people left for a week a rear bucket of suitcases and junk meant. Even though the spare wheel was located upright on the side of that spacious rear bucket, most of the luggage had to look like that heavy steel wheel and the jack and the wheel wrench. It was starting to rain, we were quite clumsy on the side of the road. The many, but in number of decreasing, Dutch number boards showed that many compatriot hurried on their way to the Pont. It was also getting dark and it looked like we were coming late.

Behind us an English car stopped and the driver asked us what was going on, because of course it was not a logical place to unload luggage.He saw that we were in the weather with the Jack and said that he would inform us with the headlights. That was convenient. But he also quickly saw that changing a wheel was not a routine for me. It used to be a flat tire every year, but then you don’t really build a routine, it was my first car. He suggested that he would doen芒 鈧?虄鈩? And what would have cost me a bit of fifteen minutes, he brightened up in the rain in a five minute speed, helped with wheel and luggage back in the car, and wanted to know no reward. Ten minutes later we were the last to run the Princess Beatrix. Great.

I don’t know how he was called, I forgot what kind of car he was driving.It was 芒 鈧?虄an act of Kindness芒 鈧劉 for a couple of young from another country he had never seen before. It was also a lesson in how you could save unsaved people in a strange environment with kindness and actual help a lot of misery.

I come from a pretty poor family; When I wanted to go to college there was no money for tuition.My sister was slightly older than me and had a holiday job. With that she had earned just enough to pay the 1650 guilder. She could not go to college and found it terrible when her little brother would miss that opportunity. Without asking me, she paid my tuition fees. Then she never wanted to return that money.

In the years 90 I lifte quite a lot and have met a lot of nice people, but the most fun was still an older 芒 鈧?虄rocker芒 鈧劉 with a Mustang (or something in that style).

I was on the lifts at the border between Belgium and France, on the coast.Suddenly there stopped that old sports car, with loud rock music and a guy with long hair… who asked me where to go. What was the nearest station to a nearby village. He set me off nicely and I was going to wait for the train… that I had just missed! And there came only 1 train every 2 hours… in the middle of nowhere! That guy was not yet taken away and asked where M芒 鈧劉 n drove train, which was Bruges. And then he said: OK, come.. Then we go to Bruges! Also neat again (and very fast).

About 1 year later I was again on the lifts in the same area and an old sports car stops.Same dude! And his first question was: to Bruges? 🙂

‘, ‘ The nicest ever I don’t know.But I once stood to hitchhike there at the foot of a hill on the outskirts of a town and I do not know why, but no one stopped. After some time I was grumpy and I looked at whether there might be something going on from the other direction. Not to be seen, but from that direction it just stopped a car and the driver put his head out and asked me: ‘ Are you in trouble and can I help you with that? You look as if you are in trouble. ‘ I smiled and explained to him the cause of my facial expression. My bad mood was getting lost. I know more personal examples of amazing, spontaneous generosity that Englishmen put to the day. Already I made this a few times with a Dutchman too.

“,” Made a very nice drawing.

Very personal: Someone I do not know, just want to have a good day and give me a smile.

That gives me a warm feeling.

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