What is the most unhygienic thing you have experienced in a restaurant?

We were in Crete, on the north coast, in a small resort called Bali.I had already taken a holiday in Crete, my heart leaf had not yet. We moved into the rooms and went for a walk at first, first of all to see where everything is. Towards evening the sky turned bright red, the sun went down behind the mountains, we could not see them from there at that moment. We decided to stop in one of the many tavernas. I had asked the son of the hotel management (family-run hotel) where he would go to eat with his girlfriend and therefore had a recommendation.

We drove to the restaurant and ordered to eat and drink ouzo, raki and a bottle of wine.We had the intention to stay there a little bit because it was so cozy.

The drinks came promptly, but I was a bit confused.The waiter, a rather older urkreter, who apparently still knew the Zeus personally, put 3 glasses on the table for the wine. Well what will it be, I thought quietly in front of me, there stay quite curious.

It had become late and since he was always cheerfully giving himself in, the second bottle of wine was empty by now.It was about paying.

But now it’s a fox-like note about what he’s adding together.And in fact we had the wine for free. Well, if that’s the case. He was really nice and even if he had written it down, it wouldn’t have been a problem. It was a holiday, my God.

So it was clear that we had found our regular restaurant.We came back. And every night. That was his trick. His other trick was, we only found out with time that he did it with the others also s, which meant that he had at 11 – 24 o’clock in the evening so every evening so his 3 – 4 bottles of wine intus. But he was an exemplary example of adaptability, he had the matter under control. Apparently….

One evening he was so full that with both hands full of crockery on the way back to the kitchen he only touched a stair step with the tip of his foot and in free fall had to accept some prints in the B-note.

I want to say this….. He lost his balance, dropped the dishes, it broke and he parked his face in a heap of shards with full conviction and looked accordingly afterwards.I immediately jumped up, ran into the kitchen, and made sure that someone came to sweep, got the Notartz and I had taken a bucket of water and a few towels that I found there. Made his blood-soaked face clean. One of his colleagues came with a dressing box and I supplied the man as best I could.

It took me a good 30 minutes to hear the sirens, which tried to blow their way through the narrow little roads from the old fishing village.

Bypassing the nice old man disappeared in the accident car and the evening had somehow lost some of the mood.

We went home (back to the small hotel) and couldn’t sleep.In the small fishing village everything came to rest, only we were both still awake and decided to go down to the water. So we sat there and thought of the old man. How he’s doing. He will be well looked after, right? He was a really nice old man and he had become something like “The Great Cretan” for us. We liked him.

Immediately after breakfast the next morning we went back to the tavern to find out where they had taken him.It was half past 8 o’clock in the morning, the tavern was too.

At half past 11, an elderly woman suddenly made her way to the door.We approached the woman and she explained the way to the hospital and told us that he liked to eat fruit.

We understood the wink with the fence post and finished a lavish fruit basket before we got to the hospital.

Downstairs in the interior, finest marble, expensive.Looked very horny. Bright friendly rooms where you could see. You could almost have become jealous. A handsome young lady at the information booth made it clear to us how we came to our waiter. This was not so easy, one had to go to the basement, then down through, on the other side again up and then with the elevator to the 4th floor, then the right wing, room 400 And (I do not know more exactly.

And now we come back to the initial question.

When we came up again on the other side, we thought we had made a time jump back around 2000 – 3000 years.If Neherdtete had run over me, I wouldn’t have wondered what it looked like.

Everyone moaned from all the hospital rooms, which were of course not cooled at a comfortable 41掳C outside temperature.Everyone was obviously in pain. There were no cockroaches anymore, they don’t want to get infected. Every corner looked as if the story of all the people there could be read. I had never seen mould die from the wall. Of course, I thought afterwards, he also has his pride. The total olfactory load exceeded any frame. And right in the middle of it, our waiter.

He was extremely happy to see us, because no one else visited him.Presumably we had a clue why. Unfortunately, we couldn’t spare him this hell, but my heart leaf and I raved about whether there was a bed left somewhere else. We found a few and were able to arrange for it to be moved to one of the lower floors. They were only a little better, but it wasn’t as hot as it was under the roof.

We brought him fresh fruit every few days and at some point our holiday was over.When we landed again in Hamburg, he was still in this hell…. Unfortunately, we never saw him again.

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