What is the most rude experience you have ever had with a (car) dealer?

On my 26th I had just sold my company and several millions on the couch.It was time for a new car.

So I went to a BMW dealer in Heemstede, walk in my jeans and shirt inside and then completely ignored.

A representative in a cheap suit that came in after me was helped earlier.When I said some of it, someone finally came to talk to me.

The seller’s disinterest droop.

I told me I would like to buy a BMW M5.With everything on it and on it. But I did want to make a test drive first.

Aha, there you have one again” must be his thought region.

Ai-ai-ai proved to be tricky.There was only one copy and that circulated between the dealers.
But they would let me know when that came to their side, and that could be about a week or two.

I got another booklet with sales information in my hands and made sure that my data was recorded.

With “We call you as soon as we hear something” the seller said goodbye to me.

When I had not heard anything after waiting for four weeks, I went to the Mercedes dealer in Haarlem.

I was very friendly.The choice there fell on a CLK430. And also there the demand for a test drive. That was also difficult because he had no one standing at that time.

“That’s apity…” I said, after I had told my EXPERIENCES at BMW.

However, the seller managed to stand a used CLK320 at a Volvo dealer nearby.He called, and ten minutes later I could make a test drive. Another twenty minutes later my car was in order.

When it was delivered a few months later I drove to the BMW dealer again.

There I found the same uninterested seller.

Can I help you?” He asked.
Yes there is something with my car.

Oh!I walk along with you. “

Arriving outside he saw my hail new non-BMW.
But that’s not one of us” he flopped.

That’s just the problem” was my reaction, after which I told him my experience of a few months before.

Afterwards I bought another four cars from the same Mercedes dealer.

‘, “When I wanted to buy a new car a couple of years ago, I’ve been to several brands of dealers to orient myself.When I went to a certain dealer where I had waited a few years earlier for more than 5 minutes in the showroom without being helped and then gone away, I tried to turn on the last free parking lot. There stood in a corner three people, clear and car salesman with two customers. They stayed there even when I slowly commissioned the parking lot. They could easily have done two steps aside, but didn’t and looked weird. Then I just went. My conclusion: This dealer does not want to sell cars, in any case not to me. Since then I have bought three hybrid cars, new, from another brand. So I think I could have been worth it.

“,” I went for my first lease car as an IT consultant.I was 24 years old and took my younger brother (then 19 years) in tow.

At one of the dealers I saw a car that turned me on, but in the first instance there was no salesman to confess.

After some further ado, my brother was approached by a salesman.”Can I help you?” Yes my sister is looking for a new lease car he referred the seller by. However, I was completely ignored. “What exactly does your sister look for?” Luckily my little brother is free ad rem. “You can just ask the hair she can talk herself.”

If you walk into a dealer in your everyday kloffieleut and call someone: “So, can you find some fun from the boss?”

Convinced by the safety aspects of the new Volvo, I had finally opted for this brand (late years 80).When the first service was due to moisture problems, the salesman-whom I did not feel so sympathetic at first contact-thought it needed to be fine to point out that I did not seem to have a budget for air conditioning in the car. Never again considered a Volvo. This one seller has deprived Volvo of the opportunity to sell a dozen cars. Brands enough on the world. Those Volvo them I had for about three months and returned.

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