What is the most rude behavior of a fellow passenger in a plane you’ve ever experienced?

Flight Bangkok-Zurich, years ago.Airplane Boeing 747: Three rows and two aisles. I was sitting in a middle place in the row of 4, so caught. And besides me a very thick Asian that was obviously nervous, very very stank to sweat from a few days and some more, and clearly the intention had to be drunk as soon as possible. He had very ostentatively paled the armrest completely for himself and asked for a drink every half hour. So I could still enjoy his drink cone outside his smelly teeth. Also sat with his sweaty leg against me, because he still had a travel bag between his feet. After a while, his leg began to vibrate, but he apparently suffered less from it than I did. After a begging look at a flight attendant, he had a remark, but he could not do that. I was almost stuck to the passenger on the other side to escape my tormentor, but that was not really a solution either. As I figured out how many hours I still had to undergo this I have closed my eyes, or I slept, and turned away “in my sleep”, while he was selling a hefty stamp against his shin. Amazing how much space I suddenly had…:D

An English-speaking colleague and I came from Budapest where we had eaten a lot of Hungarian food, beer and pear jenever the evening before.For us on the plane, two young Dutch girls were in very good mood because they were on their way on holiday to South America. The plane had just closed its doors and it was very hot in the cab because the air change was not yet on. Relevant to mention is that I myself was about a head bigger than my colleague. Suddenly I smoke a very dirty air, really to get sick of it. I looked aside and saw that my colleague was left smiling, clearly after having left a gentle wind. At the same time, the sky had reached the Dutch girls and one of them looked diagonally backwards where her gaze met my eyes full of shame. Then she said loud to her girlfriend: “What a nasty rat that long vent behind us.”

A long trip to America was intolerable by a man of my age (when at the beginning of thirty) his badly closing headphones were on and 8 hours long heavy metal turned on top volume-luckily he had only one set of batteries so the last 2 hours were blissfully quiet .

Don’t know if you can call it rude.But I was very surprised about it, and it was quite unpleasant.

I was on the plane between Japan and A’dam.So a long flight. Years ago. I sat economy, at the top of the plane (2nd floor) next to a woman so small that she could fold her legs under herself (whatever she did). At one point she did her shoes. \ xa0 The air was almost not to hold. I thought, if her feet cool slightly, the feet of air will be stuck less. In addition, she also went to leave some tricks. I thought, it will be over. But neither went past. 11 1/2 hours long.

I had no idea that someone who was so small could smell so bad, 11 1/2 hours long.

Transavia flight to Agadir with intermediate step in Marrakech.My baby was tired and wanted to sleep. But every time he began to fall asleep to the chest, he was awakened by a drunken man who was standing next to us and appealed to other passengers arbitrarily and very noisy. He just wanted to socialize with everyone but others didn’t feel like it. That guy was getting busier and then said my husband to him at the MSA: Sorry brother, my wife is trying to get our son asleep for 3 hours, could you talk a little softer? ” Then that man became very angry and went screaming. That other Arab countries treat his people (PA) as shit. That he is not welcome anywhere and this kind of thing. Also physically, with his hand against the shoulder of my ex pushing etc.

I looked at my ex and I saw it at his glance that he was doing super best to keep himself in.He wasn’t exactly aggressive/explosive, but you didn’t have to provoking him. Plus He kickboxte and I absolutely didn’t want him to react physically. I pressed the “flight attendant” button.

The stewardess came straight away and saw an empty whiskeybottle next to that man’s seat.She said very politely but urgently that this man in Marrakech should leave the device and his suitcase unfortunately goes to Agadir but is sent separately to Marrakech. Or should he with his own transport to Agadir. Because Transavia strictly prohibits the consumption of own alcoholic beverages.

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