What is the most ridiculous thing you ever hear someone say aloud?

I had to manage a project in a team that normally had very simple tasks but a bug in the system caused a complex problem and they needed a controller.I have ended up in a totally different world. The sayings that people did…

  • The physiotherapist has advised someone to control the mouse with the left hand.

He has emailed ICT support to order the “left mouse”. He did not intended the special ergonomic mouse for the left hand, but simply with the buttons turned over. I wanted to help and just turn in Control Panel the mouse buttons but he got very angry that I didn’t have any training for that and did work that fell outside my job profile. Even filed a complaint with the department manager and it was once again included in my appraisal interview. That sometimes I have to accept things and not necessarily improve everything.

  • Someone has been on vacation to Egypt and came back angry and disappointed.
  • The sun went down too early and she had nothing to her day. She wanted to lie on the beach all day, just like in Zandvoort and that was not. I said well, it is Africa, the nearer the equator the shorter the days. She didn’t want to believe that Egypre is in Africa. The people are there (I quote) anyway no negers.

  • The same person went on a diet and drank some soft drink where only 1 calorie in was not quite up. Because she did not want to drink that one poor calorie.
  • I said and how do you know that the calorie is on the bottom. Maybe it floats on the surface of your beverage. A colleague of mine was completely fed up to be too fat.Better food, no unhealthy snacks, and lots of exercise. It worked fine, because she looked good, and felt nice fit and vital.

    One of the things she taught was drinking water when she was thirsty.No Coke, no sports drinks, just tap water in a bottle.

    Another colleague said that this was unhealthy.Water washed away vitamins.

    My wife had studied in Leuven and we had just moved to Rotterdam.There were still things of her in her old house in Leuven, which we picked up by car. We would have a friend of hers, Mr., who had the key meet. She told us that she worked in a restaurant on the highway between Brussels and Leuven. Well I thought that’s easy, if I find a nursing site with a roadside restaurant then it must be there.

    So I drove from Almelo via Amersfoort and Utrecht and Breda to Anshed and Brussels, took the A3 towards Leuven and Li猫ge on the Brussels Ring Road….But no nursing site in both directions. I asked my wife to call the girlfriend because we were at Leuven and there was nowhere to be a restaurant. The girlfriend said it was a Chinese restaurant and that this restaurant was in a village. I reacted, somewhat kribbig, that highways generally do not run across villages, and asked her the name of the village and name the address of the restaurant to mention. The answer: ‘ I don’t know that. ‘ She worked in a restaurant and she did not know the name, not the address, and not the place name.

    I decided, quite irritated because I had to be back in Rotterdam at a certain time, to choose the only other solution now that she could not show us the way: to drive the other roads between Brussels and Leuven and check out every Chinese restaurant.I could choose between the N2 and the N3, and chose the N2 because it had separate carriageways and perhaps it became as ‘ highway ‘. And indeed, I believe it was in clean earth, she stood in front of the restaurant waiting for us.

    I asked my wife afterwards how she can work in God’s name somewhere without knowing the address.Well, she just gets in the bus and counts the buses.

    It must somehow be relaxing to go through life so carefree.

    Ridiculous in the sense of ‘ to laugh once hard ‘ was, though, I heard a Flat Earther claim, that the ‘ Flat Earth movement is spreading around the globe ‘…


    It’s been long ago, but I never forget:

    The animal must also participate in the human space shortage.

    Usually this kind of talk comes from the mouth of some official of the government or a stakeholder organization.But we seem to have come so far in the Netherlands that a pig farmer who wants to defend his overpopulated stables does this kind of unsensible pronouncements, without us falling back from laughter. I stood then perplexed and still now.

    Some years ago an elderly German man called:

    “In the time of Adolf women could walk still safely over street!”

    ‘, ‘ ‘ A dead died ‘

    “,” I love Donald Trump, he’s the best President ever! “

    “Let me replace the batteries of the TV.”

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