What is the most raging thing you’ve ever eaten, or what you’ve ever done with food?

I was born in the Pyrenees and grew up.I was raised as Huntress, and I learned all about hunting very early in my life.

The largest part of hunting in the Pyrenees hangs on Boar Hunt, in a hunt expedition.All men and dogs hunt like a pack.

There is always a hunter who is also a butcher, and after the hunt, ie had to cut the boar into pieces.

And every hunter of the pack could bring a hog meat package back home.

And no matter what is said about hunters, there is a rule that is never betrayed: do not waste anything from the animal.

Therefore one day we came back home with the testicles of the boar in the meat package.(Read about “Animelles”[1)

My father taught me how to clean it up, (the secret sits in it very long and very thoroughly rinse), how to cut it and cook it.

And then I had to taste it too, and eat.

A real hunter is never going to waste, right?

What I can certainly say after this experience is: “If you think you have washed it enough, then you are absolutely wrong.

Keep on flushing. “

Voil脿, Bon App茅boob.


[1 testicles as food-Wikipedia

Andouillette, Sorry Quora user The French may say to me 100 times that it is a delicacy and that it is an ‘ acquired taste ‘ and that you must, in other words, taste it at least 5 times before you can say that you really are not lust.

And it may well be a noble Steven to want to waste nothing and thereby honor the pig that has just given his life.

But there are limits!

The scent is best described as what we call ‘ the Putteke ‘ in Flanders.

The smell you get if there is some siphon of the toilet not working properly.

The taste is not much better.No once and never again.

Blood sausage, however, is nice though I prefer the name pens.(Blood sausage reminds me something too much of what it actually is.) Or a sandwich with a Evantoh (In the Netherlands they call that head cheese) with a lot of mustard. Hmm!

But I suspect the weirdest thing I ever eaten were shrimp.I hear you think. Shrimp? There is nothing strange about that! Tomato shrimp is an oer-Flemish dish what is special about shrimp?

That’s right, of course, but have you eaten raw shrimp too?With raw I mean actually living!
A few years back I made a walk along with my wife and children with a guide.At the end of the hike we all went to catch shrimp with such a large trawnet.

In Oostduinkerke You still have those traditional beachcombers that drag the nets with large horses.We could play ‘ horse ‘. With a man or twenty the water in and such a trasnet through the water slep.

Our catch were shrimps (duh!), crabs, and also a little Pieterman (a petitful fishy but it may seem very common.). Our guide suggested to taste the shrimp once fresh.
You have to turn off a few mental buttons and then stop a living shrimp in your mouth, bite his head and then suck the meat out.

I have to be honest: it was delicious: light salty, soft, delicate and fresher cannot of course.Really tasty! Although I understand that some will find it repulsive. Also my wife and children have tasted and they all agreed. Super Food!

Weird for Europeans, but not for Chinese:

-As dimsum chicken legs

or cold in vinegar (longer shelf life) but don’t lust

-As dimsum beef intestines (bits of lung, stomach, etc.) with radish

-deep-fried pork casings (delicious, almost no more for sale, everything is exported to China)

-fried pork casings stuffed with shrimp
-Veal, this is Italian

Chinese as Dimsum

And then in France, where we go on holiday at least once a year

-Andouilette: With tripe-filled gut/sausage, grilled

-Andouille de Gu茅min茅 from Brittany, rolled pig stomach in intestine, smoked, cold to eat BVB.

As a siege, but also

-In Indonesia, where I was born:

Chicken gut sate, delicious when grilled crispy

Fried chicken heads, which we break open to the brain to munch on

After the BSE panic almost no longer for sale (to dry yourself and to fry afterwards): deep-fried calf’s brains

Has the taste and consistency of veal sweetbreads (which most Dutchman or not know, or do not dare to eat), really very tasty, you can get so in Belgium at the better Eethuizen/restaurant

First of all, weird food depends, of course, on what culture you come from.

E.g. ‘ In the Netherlands it is quite normal to eat horse meat ‘. This is not normal in most other countries.

I live in the Philippines and there are a number of items on the menu here that are labeled in the Netherlands; Received ‘ weird food ‘.


A Filipino savory stew usually pork offal (characteristic lungs, kidneys, intestines, ear, heart and muzzle) and/or meat stewed in a rich, spicy dark gravy pig blood, garlic, pepper (usually Siling Mahaba) and vinegar.


A balut is a fertilized vojelly (usually a duck) that is incubated for a period of 14 to 21 days, depending on the local culture and then boiled or steamed.

The content is eaten directly from the bowl.

Chicken Legs:

What’s weird about it would you think.

We are talking about the chicken legs in the most literal sense of the word.

Also the head and intestines of the chicken are sold here as street food/BBQ.

So these are some ‘ weird ‘ things I’ve eaten

Originally I come from Indonesia and it is probably obvious that I have eaten weird things to Dutch standards.

I myself believe that I am still fairly conservative.

I only eat common animals such as pigs, cattle, goats, sheep and chickens as well as other common poultry. Not common animals that are often eaten in Indonesia, I do not eat like bats, monkeys, dogs, sea turtles, snakes, and other reptiles. In addition, some animals are protected such as sea turtles and monkeys.

But like C茅line D茅camps, I am also willing to eat (almost) everything.Mr Liang Hai-Sie is about chicken legs or actually chicken toes, which I eat regularly. Especially the so-called Chinese Fong Tuffour I find very tasty.

Chinese Chicken Toes

I also eat organ meat from cattle regularly, such as tongue, muzzle, heart and lungs.

Especially fried lungs I find delicious. In the past I also ate intestines and brains. But the last I have not been eating for decades, it is dangerous, think of BSE and the mad cow disease.

Baked lung with sambal [1

Once I have eaten in a Spanish tapas restaurant with a Latino friend and a Dutch girlfriend.

I had ordered fried pig-track and this Dutch was very surprised, that I ate something like that. She had even told her mother and found me very weird. However, I used to have pig ears prepared on his Chinese with soy sauce very tasty. Unfortunately, this is not widely sold in the Netherlands.

Pig ears in soy sauce [2

C茅line at pig testicles, but I’ve seen acquaintances of me eating goats.

In Indonesia They are often prepared as skewers and are called Sate Torpedo .

Satay Torpedo [3

Finally, I also ate jellyfish.

These are cut into thin strips and served with sesame sauce.

Chinese Jellyfish [4

In conclusion, I can therefore tell you that I only eat organ meat and other unusual parts of usual animals.

I hope I have answered your question with this.

Thank you for asking me this question C茅line D茅camps (Quora user).


[1 resep Balado paru goreng Kering Oleh Megie Yunita

[2 kuping Babi kecap

[3 Sate torpedo sate Torpedo Is Made From torpedo or The testicles Of Goat

[4 jellyfish

Really spectacular strange things I never ate.

My aunt, I still know, I have eaten very tasty, very tender meat as a child. I found it not so much fun to hear that it was a cow tongue.

At home in Limburg we often ate beams mash, a sausage made from organs and head of a pig (offal), and blood sausage, blood of the pig.I found that too nice but I find it nowhere in Belgium in the shops.

Then of course there are the things that you only eat once out of curiosity: Haggis in Scotland, hamburgers of mealworms, rumen in France, fried Chinese chicken legs.All these things turn out to be very much of a taste (except pens). The only dish that I no longer really look forward to is Hamburg’s Labskaus. It looked for me like a plate of vomit with a fried egg one and sour herring. The taste is very acidic.

Location: Restaurant, Coast, Michelin star

Payer: someone else

Endorsed (before) dish: fried foie gras with a sauce of melted fondant chocolate

Presentation/taste/dining experience:

  • Square plate with only a large piece of meat bathed in fondant chocoladesaus (i.e. no salad decoration to hide the uneaten meat afterwards),
  • Visually indistinguishable from pork liver,
    Buitekant: Brown Fried,
    Inside: Grey and greyish, porous, juicy (separates a grey-white, foaming liquid from cutting),
  • Taste: Combination of flavouring marmoede which only allows a sickly undertone (think of the scent of the moisture in which organs gaart, with just that hint of wash water perfume),
  • Problem: Chew the meat.

Only at Mora do they know what to do with that grainy texture and they pay chemists who curb the release of more unsuspected aromas,

  • Solution: One cut the organ into large pieces, a its taste buds, chew energetically and one slikke the chunk with a hefty sip of water.
  • One r this less delicate eetmode n keren (n = number of behlable pieces).

    Assessment: unsuitable for human consumption

    Question: Why does a Michelin-starred chef put a dish on his card, the Humbleest Frietkot operator who does not, never and nowhere fit each other?
    Hamanswer: Because the mentioned virtuoso wanted to surprise.Unfortunately, the pain of God is direct and hard. There are rules that our Praal Hans cannot choose from the window without accompanying them, together with his Choco-livers.

    I am from Zuid-Holland and in my youth we regularly ate a pale pink firm, creamy and very tasty sandwich spreads.It did have something away from pork fricandeau. I was totally not surprised when some years ago some Rotterdam BN-ers arrived with something they called Uier board. I did not know that word, but understood that they meant Uboard. My native region is the Dutch Lake District of Kaag and Bream, close to the border with Noord-Holland. The boiled cows are called uboard for consumption. We bought it from a local farmer, it was the cheapest meat where available… And one of the tastiest.

    In a eatery in Tokyo I once ordered a mixed sashimi dish.It looked beautiful: a black lacquered wooden box with boxes filled with different types of raw fish, decorated with fresh cut flowers.

    One of the species of fish, the horse mackerel, was cut into strips and draped against a shiso leaf, behind which the remnants of the fish lay: Head and tail tied by the bone that was laid in a knot.

    I was shocked when I saw that the fish was very fresh-the mouth opened and closed every 10 seconds.This was the first time I ate a dish that looked at me while I was eating.

    The menu also included whale.I still wonder how they were serving.

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