What is the most raging object in your home?

I’ve stumbled on it a couple of times,

For he stands in the most logical place in the house,

That’s right in front of the back door in the utility room.

This way, the children can get less easily,

But I break my neck over it.

It was a gift from my mother-in-law.Found them years ago in China.

But now that she lives with us in the house, she is the only one who uses it.

He is also always at home, and at the most crazy moments,

And often when I’m around in the evening, he makes an inauspicious sound.

It is a taugé breeding machine.

I didn’t know such a thing existed.

It exists.

On the rice cooker, it is the greatest friend of my mother-in-law.I follow at great distance.

There are small yellow soybean beans, and there will be a bean sprouts over time.

Genius in all its simplicity,


I don’t like taugé.

In fact, no one likes our home of Taugé,

Except my mother in law.

I have the bad habit of collecting weird stuff, vintage stuff or costumes.

Rare items.

I have a passion for “treasures”, usually they are not worth anything, but I find them just unique, so in my head are estimating.

From the top of my head….. I have:

  • An antique wooden cross (religious)
  • A pearl collar from the years 1920
  • Clogs
  • A cutting board with a quote from Hannibal Lecter engraved in it
  • Two sacred water things to hang on the wall.

(I don’t know the name)

  • A vintage hand painted 2 metre tall anatomical school poster
  • A vintage hand made Iranian carpet
  • A giant handmade and hand-painted papier mâché piggy bank in the form of a pig
  • Clay instead of shampoo
  • A real vintage princes dress
  • A pair of vintage prom dresses
  • Years 70 wedding gown with veil
  • 60 pair of shoes including pale pink leather years 80 booties.
  • And…. No object, but very weird:

    … The placenta of my daughter in the freezer (ask but not).

    Not much special.You will regularly find chewable sticks of my dogs on the floor. Furthermore, the necessary 3D printed miniature miniatures, some electronic experiments with solar panels, 6 dog baskets for both of my dogs, some plaster models including a flower planter, erotic posters and models, and a bunch of other trifles.
    And a red brick of foam rubber to be able to throw.

    But yeah, what’s weird, huh?:-)

    A red Skippybal.The thing hovers through my house, M should sometimes suddenly kick out of the way. Usually nothing happens until one of the children hopt through the house. I also do it myself.

    4 original law books from just before the birth of Belgium.Don’t know from the outside, but think 1827, 1828, 1829, 1830. The funny thing is: those are bilingual!

    Each left page begins with: “We, William King of the Nerderlanden… From Orange Nassau and from etc etc…. ” and the right page is then “Nous, Guillaume de… Blablabla “.

    They were original specimens that were somewhere in a basement of a parliament building in Brussels, along with thousands of others and thrown away somewhere in the 70 because they took too much place.My father thought it was nice books and that 4 “saved” the chipper.

    Now they are just between the comic books at our home:)

    Another thing, which is funny: a watercolour painting from when my daughter was 4 years old.We have a lot of paintings (many painters in the family) and occasionally someone who is looking at paintings. And always they stay puzzling at that Aqua Relletje of my daughter and usually comes a reaction in the style of: “Interesting color choice” or “you feel the emotion”.Lol

    The monkey I own:P

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