What is the most raging conversation you’ve had with your ex?

That was a conversation when we had been separated from the table and bed, but not yet officially-we were at that time even in the courtroom, waiting for our turn to submit our petition for divorce.

The conversation came to her relationship, and she talked candidly about her sex life (or, rather, the lack of sex in her relationship) and the fact that she did love him, but not as she loved (or had kept).I reacted cold, since I was completely done with her.

Another time, while I was giving her a lift to her friend, we were talking about the same subject and asked me for advice and tips on sex techniques, and how I had done certain things with her when we were still together, so that she could do that as an advice to her vrie nd could give.She even asked if I was willing to give him explicit, personal and explicit advice on techniques, to improve their sex. For that I have thanked-that would have been far too strange.

The conversation in which I confronted him with the fact that he was cheating.I still thought I give him the opportunity to say ‘ yes indeed that is so. ‘

I found on my son’s tablet a saved WhatsApp file 3 months after we had gone apart and were working on the divorce.I figured what’s this again now, my son doesn’t use WhatsApp. Once the file was opened I realised that it was about conversations between my ex-husband and at that time his current girlfriend that he turned out to have a lot longer.

I have decided not to read it any further than that which I had already seen.It surprised me nothing and actually it was a relief to see that he was working with someone else for a year (I saw the time-stamp). I had done my best to try to make some of it, but now I understood that it was pointless if he was already in bed with another. Suddenly I felt a lot better about myself retroactively. In any case, that part was not up to me!

The best thing then was to send him an app.Gosh -I know you’ve gone weird though in our relationship. ‘ I don’t know what you’re about ‘. ‘ I will send you your WhatsApp file back then. ‘

.. Oh..

Nice afternoon!

That was a good conclusion of our relationship:)

I have no ex, just a Tipp-ex.And I am not opposed to that.

That must be when I was already in divorce.No more sleeping in the same room as my ex and he was dating.

I was already busy looking for a house in the neighborhood and we had agreed that I would not rent anything until I could move in to save costs.I had already offered anti cracking search, but for our kids that was not convenient. Antisquat should not be with minor children. Small rental properties are also still very expensive.

Gently, in the evening, I knocked on my bedroom door and asked for advice how he could best clarify his current date that he really no longer wanted to agree with her.He had tried it 2 times and she just kept coming back. He did not want to hurt her, but the violent feelings he experienced in the beginning were gone. (I suspect that it was the rebound)

She wanted to apply for his work and she wanted me to go straight out of the house so she could withdraw from him.She lived with her mother in the living room for 5 months. She had not seen her children since then, and she wanted to withdraw them immediately.

We have been talking and he told you how quickly and far everything went and that he really didn’t know what to do.

Conversation in which she had taken that overdose of medications in the hope that I would take her back.And because because of our relationships her parents have nothing to do with her, she has to go to GGZ institution temporarily. There I still had a conversation with her, I know well they had regular knives with which you put butter on your bread. And yet I found creepy because she could have stuck with her strength so in me.

Hahaha I have so many weird conversations

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