What is the most painful thing you have ever experienced?

This immediately arises from me the question: ‘ Physically or mentally? ‘.But on closer inspection it doesn’t matter. For me, the most painful ever in my life was the end of my 14 year relationship with a hidden narcissist.

The horrific realization that he never really loved me, while the illusion of true love had nestled so strongly in my brain.The enormous void thereafter. The sadness and anger by the cruelty of the way I was thrown away. The humiliations by his family he spanned for his cart. The disbelief. The cold hand that grabbed itself to my heart. I had times when I no longer wanted to live. I cried 5 months every day. I could not concentrate 5 minutes on anything, no longer work, no longer function. There was no ‘ I ‘ more after years in the mistreating circle of attracting and repel of a narcissist. The addiction and desire for another ‘ fix ‘ of the narcissist was enormous. My brain was gebrainwasht. The tremendous feeling of solitude I had to pass through. I think this was my biggest hell on earth.

And I have in my life overcome the loss of my family, serious illness and a heroin addiction.But there was nothing that had ever been able to prepare me for the end, and what then came, from a toxic relationship with a narcissistic man. It exposed my deepest fears.

The most painful thing was with me something corporan.
A kidney stone.

Sometime one morning the stone was released from my kidney basin and blocked the drain of my left kidney.I felt a very violent and crippling pain left/middle in my back that radiated to my left.

Nothing helped against that pain, outside of heavy painkillers.The stone turned out to be 9mm tall, and felt much bigger.

In the end it took a few months for the stone to leave my body through a natural way, now a lot has been sunk.

Then I radically reversed my eating pattern.Luckily never bothered again.

I have a few painful moments.

My father used physical violence against my mother when I was little.My best friend was shot dead by her husband on. And two years ago I had a miscarriage. Those were the most painful moments I have ever experienced.

Lol I did quite a few me pa that kicked me full in face because I was annoying when I was young.Me ma that bods me full in me because I was told that I occasionally rumbled with guys too. Be bullied at elementary school. Me little friend that went weird. Me friends who always took me in the Zeik. Brother of the girl I was totally away from I saboreted me chance to go with her just deprived me then so many drugs fed and made mad that I have had psychotic treks on it. That backpack travels with me ex where I wanted to put almost everyone around. 6 years of tinnitus. Should sleep at Salvation Army quite a lot of eieven. More me proud and me psyche

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