What is the most painful method of execution in history?


This is probably the most disturbing and brutal method of execution I have encountered.

And trust me, I have read about many types of executions.

This method of killing was allegedly used by the ancient Persians as early as 500 BC.


The term skaphism derives from the Greek word “sk phe” and means “everything that has been exhausted”.

In Scaphism, a victim is caught between two boats of the same size and shape.

Only the head, hands and feet remained free.

The victim would then be forced to eat a mixture of milk and honey.Her whole face fell down, constantly facing the sun.

As the mixture dried, flies began to settle on the victim’s face.You might see that as a slight annoyance at best, but the worst is yet to come.

Inevitably, the victim had to crack what attracted ants and wasps.First, they could feed on the victim’s excrement.

Over time, however, they would also eat into the intestines.In addition, the insects would drill into the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

Mind you, the victim was fully conscious throughout.Often the executioner fed the victim at regular intervals with the mixture of milk and honey and thus drew out their fate without the risk of death from hunger or thirst.

If the victim has died for good after exposure and massive infections, the upper boat is removed.At that time, almost all meat would have been devoured by the various insects and rodents, leaving nothing but a rotting, decaying carcass.

Much of what we know about skaphism comes from the Greek historian Plutarch.In his biography Life of Artaxerxes he described the execution of Mithridates, a young Persian soldier who had made the Persian king angry.

According to Plutarch, Mithridates was essentially the same procedure as described above.

In total, he suffered seventeen days before his death.

To be honest, it is not certain that skaphism was a real method of execution, as there are few reports of its use.But in the past, people have developed extremely brutal and disgusting procedures to torture and kill people.

One can only imagine how many victims suffered from skaphism.

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