What is the most naughty experience you’ve had in a car?

The most indecent thing I’ve ever done in a car.

In my graduation year at school, I have two female students a trip home for the Christmas holidays.Their names were Marty and Rebecca. I had arranged to meet both of them and had been intimate with Becky. The journey to our homeland was quite a challenge. For about four hours. Becky was one of the most passionate girls I met at college. I introduced them to the pleasures of oral sex.

On this trip, Becky asked me to get in the back seat to get around with her.I handed over the driving to Marty. It wasn’t long before Becky and I had a hard time. She finally took off her panties and I went down. Becky didn’t scream during sex. But she moaned. And when she enjoyed either Cunninlingus or sexual intercourse, she let it be known that she liked it.

She pulled up her two legs for me as I spoiled her pussy.She always tasted delicious and she wanted to fuck after about 10 minutes of my mouth attention. This time it was no different. She climbed me and speared her pussy on my angry, upright cock. Throughout, Marty kept driving, but she looked into the rearview mirror as Becky rode me. I looked directly at Marty and winked. She winked back.

Becky invited Marty to watch and Marty drove off the road. She got down on her knees in the front seat and watched Becky on my cock with the hobby horse.I kiss Becky. She moaned and Marty watched. Marty became so excited that she climbed into the back seat. When Becky started coming, Marty began to massage her chest. Becky’s push became even more energetic.

Becky reached orgasm and gave me a deep kiss.She got out, turned to Marty and said, “It’s your turn.” Marty pulled up her dress and took off her panties. She leaned back and I went downstairs. Becky says to Marty, “How does it feel when Robert snares you?” Marty didn’t say a word. She was a screamer. And she screamed. Becky says to me, “When she climbs your cock, we need earplugs.” Marty didn’t want to climb me. She wanted to fuck me in the seat while she was facing me.

I climb between the axis and she positions her pussy directly on the edge of my back seat.I mixed up the pussy. And amazingly, Marty enjoyed every push.

After the Christmas break they drove with me back to Austin.This time they took turns to give me a fellatio. Marty enjoyed giving as much as she received. Becky was more of a taker. Becky’s pussy was more pleasant than Marty’s.

Marty I kept dating until 1969.

If my 1950s Bel Aire could speak…..

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