What is the most important thing in a relationship?

Kindness and generosity are the wings that bring couples forward, who not only endure but live happily together for years.

  • “The highest calling of a woman is to make a man Soul to guide him with the Origin to connect, their lowest calling is to seduce the man, to separate him from his soul, and to let him wander aimlessly.
    The highest calling of a man is to protect the woman so that she is free to live on earth unscathed. The man’s lowest calling is to act insidiously and to infiltrate a woman’s life violently.”
    Wisdom of the Cherokee, Native American tribe

Different processing of loss of love in women – men

  • “Naturally, women invest much more in a relationship than men.

A brief romantic affair could lead to a nine-month pregnancy (plus long-term breastfeeding) in the woman, while the man may have left the scene minutes after the encounter – without engaging biologically in the future. Due to the “risk” of more extensive biological investments, women have become increasingly selective in terms of partner choice over the course of evolution. The loss of a relationship with a highly valued partner hurts a woman more than comparatively the male partner.
If the man got involved, he will probably feel the loss of his partner over a very long period of time.What is bad for him is the realization that the loss is irreplaceable.”
Craig Morris, English research associate, Binghamton University, lead author of the study Women hurt more by breakups but recover more fully [“Women suffer more from separations and recover more sustainably than men”, presented by the University of Binghamton, United Kingdom, 6 August 2015

Studies and clinical experience show that marriage/solid partnership has a more lasting impact on the health and well-being of men than women.Divorced men do not work as effectively and have a shorter lifespan than married men. They are at risk of becoming alcoholics, committing suicide, suffering from physical and mental illnesses, losing their jobs, getting into car accidents or other mishaps. They also lose contact with friends, stop going to church or participate in social activities, and retreat, except for their mates, with whom they meet in the pub.

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