What is the most hilarious thing you’ve seen in a museum?

I went to the Caravaggio exhibition in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht a few weeks ago.

I found the Medusa unbelievable, but something left me laughing, and I was laughing in tears in the middle of the museum.

The other visitors were really not happy with it, but in my mind, with my brain always thinking in multiple languages, and with the online culture (for example: Classical memes on Instagram) it was pretty funny.

Well, I use Instagram stories very much, and I tried to explain what went in my head out in a funny “story”.

The painting is called: Thomas the infidel.I do know that unbeliever has a religious significance, but in my head it Werdt automatically translated: Thomas the Unbeliefar, and one to the French saying: “Saint Thomas ne croit que ce qu’il voit”.(Saint Thomas believes only what he sees)

I don’t have a true religious culture, maybe it is (or probably is about) the same Thomas.But yeah, back to topic: laughing.

And Jesus also grabs his hand: “Hey it hurts!

It’s enough! “

And this painting was just in addition:

Yeah okay, maybe I have a super weird humor, but yeah, I still laugh at me.

My son paints in the Van Gogh Museum Kinderatelier and he is a big fan of Vincent van Gogh.

He asked me to make a Vincent doll for him.

He says that if he is sweet for Vincent, he would not cut off his ear and not shoot himself. So, as usual, we took Vincent to the museum and suddenly a whole group of Asian tourists came to us to take pictures. I thought wow about a week we see our doll on Aliexpress. But the response of the security guard was particularly hilarious, he looked startled and whispered “Audhubillahi minash Waswasa ir rajiem” (I seek refuge with Allah from the Cursed Devil). Then I thought of Wow, he really succeeded so well.

In A museum of modern art I once saw a red paper hanging as art.

Because I didn’t understand what kind of ‘ silly ‘ in a museum was doing -I was still fairly young, I went to look closely and the alarm went off.

A few security officers arrived to see what was going on.They were apparently afraid I wanted to steal the red paper. I found it hilarious, afterwards, that there was such a hoopla made about that red paper.

At Museum De Pont in Tilburg there is a small dark corridor where you can go to a shadowy room.Everything is made of beeswax, and there are also few lights to spare it. Just like being in a beehive. I thought it was funny.

Furthermore, there is a very nice museum in Zagreb, The Museum of Broken Relationships, where people can submit items themselves with explanations.Some are very violent, like a mother’s suicide-farewell letter to her daughter, but this one was also there:

Yes, I have laughed at that.

Furthermore, I always like these weird Christian babies, or Mary and child, but then they try to make the child look more mature.

I no longer know where these come from, a friend of mine and I had at some point an email thread where we sent each other the most arid babies we came across in museums, but I lost them.

There were also nice in it, from those beef cake babies with muscles and stuff.

I still saw this in the Art History Museum in Vienna:

Which I found to have a funny look.

Also I saw there this weird pedestal of a table:


In Dresden I saw a portrait of a lady who looked exactly like the English comedian David Mitchell. I also found this comic:

So I think he will leave a beard.

A very big fake grenade.

My German upstairs neighbor and I had the greatest pleasure with it to put that in the picture with us. It just looked like the picture as if we pulled the pin out of it and walked away. In itself not a funny museum piece, but we had the greatest fun with it to put it on the picture.

I have ever seen it on television.I no longer know in which museum it was, but one went to run an experiment there.

One had just put glasses on the ground, just to see how people would react to it.

Fantastic to see people sitting on their knees or lying on the ground to photograph the goggles from every angle.

In the medieval Kriminalmuseum in the German town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber I saw various, funny scary masks for gossip and liars:

All pretty funny of course..

But much more fun was it to show my wife this chastity belt:

She liked it so much when I explained to her that as men used to be on (war) path, they left their wife at home with such an anti-cheating fate to their cross!

Where the Lords of course went out of the pants themselves in the strange.

So somewhere was a sign with “The Grand Donkey of Europe” and when you watched what it was, you saw your mirror image

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