What is the most expensive mistake you made?

Actually, it wasn’t a real mistake, but I think it’s a little bit like one:

In the 3rd trimester, in the elective subject (then still urology), the nursing station was men and a lot more under my “command” with the “help” of a student “forced laborer” (I wrote it before, in the university clinic in the southwest German strata country N° 150 there were between the (in urology only elective subject)PJlern (there were also “forced laborers”, because the Ordinarius General Surgery (an unpleasant guy, I had to assist him once and that was enough for me) had decided in the Uro.-OP one would decide about Surgery as much as in general surgery and even a bit more.

The truth was, the urology hardly thrilled anyone, which neither the medical staff urology, nor explicitly I could comprehend, urology as an elective subject was always only available in the 3rd trimester, since one had to have learned a lot before – hopefully), between elective subject-PJlern, AiPs and assistant doctors without a specialist there was no difference, all belonged to the medical staff of the department (except for the surgical “forced laborers, morning and evening rapport they were denied, for this they were allowed to come about 30 min later and also in about 30 min earlier).

Well, that was the introduction.During a visit to the chief medical officer, in which “el jefe” almost never participated, the chief medical officer Prof.Ulrich W.

in a man with chronic recurrent urinary tract infections (he had just been admitted): “antibiotic according to the antibiogram.”

Okay, the next morning I got news from microbiology, the pathogen was discovered and there were only two effective ABs left – one that any field-forest-meadow general doctor would give until the bacteriums in the urine would also become resistant to it, and a brand new one.

Having the possible resistance formation in my head, I just prescribed the brand new, unknown for bacteria.

Then came the next lOA-Visite and Prof. w.

got almost a heart attack, because the AB ordered by me cost about DM 750 per diem, one day nursing station only about DM 150 ,- on day.

But I was allowed to explain myself and the whole thing was already off the table at the evening report. I was still not treated by my ward doctor Arndt K.

from the station manager Dr. med.


observed in more detail.

Gut Frabkenschmidt thought a lot of me, because I had done the practical and oral 2nd state examination and that was not easy with God! Both of them said unisone, in a few weeks I wouldn’t have anyone to look over my shoulder. And “puppy protection” no longer exists with them in the third trimester – to do the essential small stuff, I should have learned in already the trimester internal and general surgery, the trimester urology is only the “dress rehearsal”!Were the most beautiful four months during the entire study!

My questionable arrangement cost our department urology only a paltry DM 6000.00 extra! Even my later small, English, open sports car, purchased in Switzerland, would one day become cheaper …

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