What is the most disturbing thing you’ve seen and what you can’t ‘unseen’?

Terrible images from the Dark Web.I am deliberately not saying ‘what’ because I do not want to encourage anyone to look at the same things. I even think I had received the information about what I was looking for through a Quora answer.

I was just curious at the time and wondered if the hype was justified.

For the most part, he is not.Many things are fake and boring and, as the media have once reported, even terrorists often prefer Whatsapp to plan their attacks than the dark web’s slightly more complicated encryption system.

However, there is a page of the Dark Web where there are not only amateurs and petty criminals with an oversized ego, but a really dark one.Reaching these Internet sites is difficult, but not infinitely difficult. After seeing a few disturbing pages, I decided not to try to have insights into a world with which I, in the real world, did not want to have one. Where I don’t want to communicate with that kind of person and certainly don’t want to have them as neighbors.

It is not the kind of darkness that makes you curious and amazed.It is not intellectually difficult stories or an absurdly fanatical murder motive that amazes you, as in a CSI episode.

There are things so free of moral boundaries, such a high level of senseless cruelty, a place where things rule that are far from what can be described as human or logically comprehensible.They are pallets of behaviour where one wonders: how is it possible that this could have happened? What must happen to a human being to become like this?

There I have a few, fortunately not many, disturbing pictures that I will not forget, although I would like to.You don’t forget something like that, and if you want to keep your mind clear and healthy, it’s important not to have too many of them in your head.

I would say: there are things so dark that someone who is not armed and trained to analyze these things prefers to leave their fingers off.

I’ve always been curious and like to see where my limits are.If you are sensitive, able to put yourself in others: then your limit is reached quite quickly. You think you’re strong? Believe me SO strong you are not. It’s not worth it. Even with all curiosity and inquisitiveness, your horizons will not expand. The only thing that can be gained in knowledge about this is that adults can abuse their power in a highly disturbing way. Man or woman. There are no limits other than those of the physically possible one.

In doing so, I understood the fear depicted in the Harry Potter books.

“Lord Voldemort- who cannot be named.

This is where Lord Voldemort and Gollum shake hands and discuss when the next time the party will be thrown, and they are probably just the somewhat reluctant party organisers.

So if you remember Tom Riddle, you should ask where evil begins.Not where it ends.

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