What is the most dangerous situation you have ever come to during a trip?

[“Tricky. Of all the dangerous situations, the following two are the most common ones:

  1. Poland, beginning this century.

The only colorling are in a train full of drunken hooligans. My ‘ pocket knife ‘ clearly carry on my belt and as if pretending I can’t understand polish I saved my life.

  • Japan, 2011.
  • The Great Tôhoku earthquake. We were in the ‘ relatively ‘ safe Gunma (‘ only ‘ a moderate 6 on the Richter scale). Coming back to our apartment in Tokyo has taken a while, and although we would leave a few days later someone from the airline called or we didn’t want our seats off in return for a week to stay longer at their expense. It turned out that a little bit every foreigner was leaving the country, because of the ever prevailing fear that anti-foreigner pogroms are born, after such disasters. “, ‘ Iloilo, Philippines.I will never forget that night and night. I was in my hotel room and saw in the water of the pool downstairs a weird reflection of light. When I was standing in front of the window I saw flames coming to the corner of the hotel, right next to my room.

    I opened the door to the corridor and the guarding ran past my room, opening the door to the service staircase that was there and the trek sucked the flames metersver into the hallway to past my room door.

    I realized that I had to get out of the building, and quickly too.

    Staff ran around, banging on doors, the alarm went off. I have packed everything up quickly-luckily I didn’t have much with me-and I was directed outside by the staff.My room was very quickly full of smoke, as well as the hallway.

    I spent hours sitting next to my backpack on the street, waiting, in uncertainty what was going to happen.

    All sorts of people came to ask questions and sat down to pick my stuff.I felt terribly lost and vulnerable, I was just 6 months in the Philippines. And only 2 weeks in Iloilo.

    In the slum next to the hotel a candle was fallen, more than 34 houses burned out at lightning speed.From all the cracks and lanes, people with mattresses, children, chickens, were all fleeing for the fire. A part of the district, built above the water, remained spared. Everything on the shore was wiped out. There was hardly any extinguishing water and it was a chaos, really a chaos.

    There are no deaths and that is really special, because the area had 3 entrances/exits, furthermore it was enclosed between tall buildings.Including the hotel.

    My room was devastated, I was accommodated in another hotel in the city.I think I escaped death that night. Together with all those poor Philippines who have lost everything.

    Really dangerous it has never been for me to date.Quite a while, I was at my brother on vacation in the USA and close by is the biggest mall in the country-a few years back on one of the last days I went there on my own. Make Videos for home and so on.

    So just before I wanted to go home again, I decided to make a video of the exterior of the building to give friends an impression of how God’s impossible is that thing. So I’m there to film my phone and I see a police car in my corner.Well, no attention to spent, but on the way to the exit I was approached by an agent in burger. He kept some Smalltalk and then it came down that he asked what if I did here and if I had ID with me. Coincisely I had my brother’s coat on that day because it started to get cooler and my coat was too thin and I had my passport left in my coat. Well, very hassle and I showed him my debit card and told me where I came from and what I did here and told him the purpose of my video. He also wanted to see all the movies I made that day.

    The situation lasted and lasted and he made some phone calls and I actually got a bit of nerve esteem, especially when two large uniformed agents were suddenly put on.The situation was repeated again for the 15th time (Americans are really terrible for that matter-we sometimes sit on the Germans that they are so formal, but that are little bit compared to the Americans) and I started to be really restless too w Orders. I just had a little movie made from the outside of that mall. However, I continued to be quiet outside (and I also think it was that I was blank-hobbies if I would have had a tan) *) and after the umpteenth time they explain the biggest agent that he thought I had no danger and that I could go home. They went away, but that original cop stayed and wanted to know when I flew home again and after some confusion about DC (I said I flew back through Washington and he said no one knew anything from a flight from Washington to Dublin that coming Wednesday) – Tip Corpse He asked me if I might referred to DC-well, we call it Washington and they DC. When I said that I flew back through Washington, he thought of course to the state of Washington. Well, DC did yield a hit and FINALLY, after literally a thick hour, I could go home.

    So I think the stocking was finished with it.Wrong. The Wednesday I left, after checking my luggage, I was approached by a graying man who identified himself as being from the FBI. Or he could ask me some questions. It was all very nice all, but they wanted to know everything about me and they also knew that I had come to America through several airports earlier and that this was confusing to them. When I said that I just took the cheapest flight every time and went through different routes, he had to laugh. Well, at the end he stated that he would put in his report that I was not a danger to the security of America and that he hoped that he had made a friend today. It was all very polite and nice. It was all about the fact that I did not have my passport with me that day and, as it turned out later, that some “terrorist” group (probably just a few boys, but well) announced in February of that year had a bomb in Place the mall. End well, all good. I have been to the US several times and never heard of it again. But I did tweak it pretty well.

    *) that Americans are racist, I already knew, but I have also encountered it: a few years before when I checked my luggage for the return trip to Ireland, two black boys had a pound of excess baggage and they had to open everything and To reach only thirty kilos.When I was in turn, it turned out that I had 31 kilos, so one kilo too much. The same guy who had let those black boys move heaven and earth to come under thirty pounds now said that my little excess baggage was OK.

    Stuffy, but without actually being in danger:

    I was in Mexico City in 1995 and had an afternoon free.At the time it was just taking a taxi and walking around in the city centre not yet very unsafe, so by taxi from the hotel to the Zocalo, there some walked around and further in the direction of the park Alameda Central, where also the theatre of the city stands. After walking all the way through the park I walked back with the intention to take a taxi to the hotel again on the Zocalo.

    I noticed that a lot of people gathered in the park.But thought nothing further. Until it turned out, that those people walked in the same direction as me, a meter or 20 behind me. That didn’t feel nice, so I walked through firmly. And watched what happened behind me.

    When I approached the end of the park, about 100 m away, I saw banners unfolded and I was afraid that a demonstration was underway.Even worse became my horror, when I saw that something after the park there was a whole row of policemen with helmet, stick and shield the protesters were waiting for.

    Leaving left or right was not an option, the row of cops was too long and I was too close to both the cops and the protesters.

    So I gambled on my European appearance (1.85 m long with red hair) and quickly went straight to the cops in the hope that they would let me through.Running seemed unwise to me!

    When the officers arrived I didn’t have to say anything, they opened an opening of 1 person wide for me.I was allowed to pass through. No one had any further interest in me, especially when I was quickly going through the Zocalo.

    I took a taxi (green VW beetle) to the hotel to get the scare.

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