What is the most clear proof that speaks against the theory of evolution?

A theory is an explanation that cannot be refuted.This does not mean that it is correct, a theory is falsifiable as soon as only one thing finds that contradicts the theory. In the case of evolutionary theory, however, there are a multitude of observable processes in the past and also in the present, which can be explained by the theory of evolution.

So it is highly likely that the theory of evolution is correct because it provides consistent explanations without leaving any real gaps.

The Bible or the euphorically referred “intelligent design”, on the other hand, presupposes a god or an overarching being, which is itself unprovable and is not required in the scientific understanding of the world.On the contrary, the hypothesis of an overarching being can even be scientifically pursued. We know how the story has evolved around the parent. The history of the gods and finally of the monotheistic God is subject to evolutionary development. The Christian god, the god formerly known as JHWH, was also once married to Aschera.

Evolution thus also explains the existence of God and the development of God, as well as his extinction, because he has to use less and less as a filler of gaps for lack of knowledge.God’s habitat is the lack of information and the desire for explanation. Science fills this space and thus God loses his “living space”. The ecosystem is changing and the “God” explanatory model is being replaced by a higher form: science.

Everyone is free to believe that it is God’s will that he has given us science to become independent.After all, there is no doubt that science is there. And maybe there is a God somewhere who lets us discover his universe with the help of science while hiding himself. But even then, there is no contradiction to evolution.

When a Christian declares to me that we are an image of God, God is also war, racism, slavery, murder and manslaughter, Sodom and Gomorrah.But it is more likely – if there is a God – that we completely overestimate our meaning. We are not the center of the solar system, nor are we the center of the universe. We are a marginal phenomenon. And that is what science teaches us: humility.

So if there is an overarching being, science would be the lesson of teaching us our position toward God.We are not an image of a higher, divine being.

And so not only our knowledge, but also our religious perspective grows in an evolutionary form.Perhaps God will come by once we have learned to live on this planet in humility before the universe, nature and fellow creatures. I mean, who is looking forward to a reunion at Christmas, if they are all arguing anyway. You’d rather stay at home, put the phone off and turn on Netflix. If there is a God, then I can understand why he is not going to the phone at the moment…

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