What is the most amazing view you’ve ever seen?

In Switzerland you will see a late medieval castle along Lake Geneva.Chateau Chillon.

The castle is already beautiful from itself, but when we got through the maze of walls, corridors and courtyards finally arrived at the highest floor in the castle (the tower with the flag on it in the picture above), we were received by a view that I did not quickly Will forget.

An almost endless view over the lake in three directions.

All this was accompanied by classical music played by a small orchestra which practiced in the gardens outside the castle. It was just a moment I jumped back in time.

And according to me, the soldiers in this castle had a better view than the Lord, since the medieval glass was two storeys lower so cloudy that it barely let light through.

In addition, I always find views over the sea very nice, but this was really the most surprisingly beautiful view I have seen so far.

Without a doubt the Grand Canyon.You ride there, in a not very special landscape. You think. Everything is flat. Boring. You park in the parking lot, you walk and follow the signs to the viewpoint. Nothing special still. What do I do here, do you think, is it really?

Then you come to the place where you look over the edge.You look so suddenly unexpectedly deep into that huge big crack in the world, which is the Grand Canyon in fact. Incredibly. The huge, yet enclosed space, the colors and shades, the flying strips below that indicate human activity, the river that looks very small, a kind of little boat (but you know the pictures up close…)
You really do a little bit before you can bring back some…

It is because the regions on both sides of the canyon are reasonably flat.The two edges (rims) are flat, nothing protrudes from the top. All the fraying are underneath. So from a distance you see nothing special, no mountains or so. And then you look Er铆n…… Pfjoeoeoeo…..

Once I was around Christmas in the Veneto region in Italy.We drove up somewhere, for my feeling just somewhere, just a stroll at the end of the day, at some point there had to be even snow chains. We parked the car and walked a bit through the snow, which had gotten beautiful shapes due to the sustained winds. But unexpectedly there was suddenly the edge of the world. I looked in the orange light of the low sun all over the plains to Venice and the Adriatic Sea behind. Then it only dawned on me that the driver had known exactly what he was on his way and that had not been told. I would like me to know where it was so that I can take my family with you once, but I don’t know the place anymore.

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