What is the maximum population the Earth can have?

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can have?
Oh… can stand much more … sitting a little less … Drink a little less and eat too.
Life depends on what is called “living”.
but… this fascist disease … this plague that slaps itself on the shoulders and gives no intimate sphere to respect and PLACE to all other life … because there can not be too many of this disease …
to make it short …
Respect of something that SAPIENS IS and not just a recyclable criminal approach to it … … maximum 50 000 000?
what weighs?
Quantity or quality?
obviously this planet is a factory for the cheapest genetic scrap that can not even add up 1+1 …
see more answers … among others: “over 200 genetic defects … all other species have a maximum of 5.”
and above all” a demon from the wilderness is not a god … and demons will: multiply, and submit this world to yourself.”
This was throttled into the genes of the most 枚rgcriminals ever … “Third World” is done by colonization and BEFORE ALL BY “missionary” …

not only that one robs land and good … there you also rob soul.

So you massacre or breed those who already recognize the stream of nature and live into a disease.

and some demon worshippers of the first faction who, under “human rights” and above all “religious FREEDOM” before sllem for the child, immediately snip away the foreskin … on nature… the weis nix … full stupid and so (see TCM, acupressure points on foreskin effect and please the extended old/Tao … with chakra effect … you can also see immediately why cannabis was REALLY banned … Cannabis and Taoism … so because of “sapiens”)
whining about WHAT?!!!!

How long?

“USA” = over 100 000 000 Indians, Canada slightly less, Australia also … The Aborigines were a bit tougher … but also slaughtered enough.Maori. too. But these were nzr the L盲bder who qurden completely occupied. How many in the Boer Wars … too… the Dutch are soooooo “liberal” … France, England and Germany and Austria and Italy and Spain anyway. There we would have the opium wars, and then all the x attempts to drive japan into the barrels, which then also succeeded at the second attempt 250 years later.

So THAT is Europe … the ineam of the world … in addition to the third desert demon suflage, the world has “made” “subjects”.

A枚so the mass murderer, rapist, psychopat has unfortunately the biting sapiens … almost murdered.

Sapiens would come to about 50 000 000 … So whoever starts thinking about these words has already lost … Sapiens doesn’t need to think about it now.Well that you have a Democrat of breeding cattle…. which selects its own shaft.

So “sapiens” …

I always find here the questions about “inteligenz” … not amusing … it is far too serious for that.more than 200 000 species that are not “human” have already felt this in the last 100 years. … this incredible believing “inteligenz” ..

50 000 000 … then nothing rots … nothing is carved to death from the excuse FUTTER FOR VIEH .. that soooo “uniqu”, and “stylish” … and sooo valuable because good worker … And so on… Dirt has dirt, slaves have slave values and true light has true values IN LIGHT.

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