What is the main diet skill?

Good and interesting question.As a coach and prospective dietitian, I am currently researching food skills, a related concept. Hence I like to share my insight.

I think there is no clear answer because it differs per person (and his or her environment).Let’s assume that someone is in any case aware of his or her diet, what wants to change and that it is not a person who has been taught a healthy pattern.

First of all, there are surprisingly many people who never look on a label or at all know what carbohydrates, proteins and fats are (let alone vitamins and minerals), where they are in and what that means for health.For them, understanding that information is the most important thing to get in order. For example, it is useful to be able to see if there is a lot of sugar in it and that it is not healthy (deionized juice concentrate = pure sugar water). Without this kind of skill, there is no point in making a plan, because it cannot be carried out sustainably.

I would then say that there is a general skill of setting realistic goals and fulfilling them.Where someone walks against it can be very different again. It can take someone out of habit to have a lot or little effort to do what it takes. It is important to realise that as a person you have been handed over to the influences of your surroundings. This involves both physical stimuli, such as seeing or smelling (advertising of) food, as well as social situations, such as your family and friends. You will simply have to resist the physical stimuli. There is a bit of snacking nowadays. Think of all those yummy smells you have to go through at a train station. With time this will become easier and even a habit. In terms of social situations, there are two related skills that help you deal with this: 1. The extent to which you are able to change your social environment to reduce unhealthy influences and 2. The extent to which you are able to say no to social pressure when it comes to food (“Don’t Drink beer? Loser! “,” You’re still taking a piece of cake on my birthday? ” These are in fact communicating barrels, if you are good at the one you need to be less good at the other. Some people in your area will encourage you, but others will not want to do what you ask if they want you to behave as they are accustomed to.

And how is that healthy eating than your mouth?It should be good for that. Or in any case not dirty. And you shouldn’t eat the same too often, because that’s unhealthy and boring. Cooking skills (from your partner) are therefore indispensable to not be handed over to ready-made products. Some 14 dishes that complement each other in terms of nutritional value are reasonable, at least 7. And this actually also involves the ability to make a full meal schedule for yourself and make sure you have the ingredients in your home.

Finally, I would like to say that it is important to see yourself as a slim (or fit) person in mind.No vague picture anywhere in the future, but bright and as if you are looking in the mirror now. The will to be (yourself) and the (as Ali B has described nicely) disgust of anything that stands in the way, can achieve all the above skills in the fifth gear set.

In summary, there are four basic skills and one bonus skill.

  • Knowledge of what is healthy and labels can read.

That means that you can determine whether something is healthy on the basis of a label.

  • It can cook tasty meals.
  • This also involves making a full meal schedule and ensuring that all the ingredients are in-house.

  • Being able to resist physical temptations like seeing or smelling food.
  • Dealing with social environment.
  • The provision of this to minimize unhealthy influences as much as possible. This is directly related to to what extent you are able to say no to social pressures.

  • Bonus See yourself in mind as a slim (or fit) person.
  • The basic skills are basically a qua sine qua non (everything must be present), which makes it extremely difficult to have a healthy eating pattern sustainably if an element is lacking.The bonus skill is there to make everything easier and to stoke the fire.

    These are, based on experience and literature, my own insights.I am very curious if people agree with this or not. So please let me know if you have anything about it or leave a message with what you think of it.

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    Thanks for reading!

    In My waste program I always hear the same thing.

    When I have as much sport as possible I fall off by itself!But no the most important thing is to keep eating! Go out of the 20/80 rule!

    20% is about moving!

    80% is about what you eat!

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