What is the longest flight you have ever made, and how did you get through it?

I’ve made several long flights, I think Amsterdam-Singapore and Istanbul-Manila were the longest.What I notice is that if you travel a lot more easily you go to sleep in planes or trains, and I do so regularly. I eat my dinner with a drink while I watch a movie, I go to sleep, and I wake up again in time for breakfast and landing. You’ll never really sleep in a plane because of the limited legroom and fellow passengers who have to pass by.

Another tip, download books on your tablet.I have everything from JRR Tolkien to Stephen King to Jan Wolkers to Jack Vance. In addition, books and games are also a great time-tracker if you have to switch and wait long for your connecting flight.

That was from Amsterdam to Jakarta, and that was especially boring, despite the many films and other entertaiment they offer.

Bit of thinking, little sleep, little movie watching.

Kick your tablet full of movies, download games that you can play offline (don’t be ashamed to pay for games, because they often work without the Internet.I had rollercoaster Tycoon Classic, among others.

Furthermore, some try to catch a night, so they can sleep on the plane.Sleepmediacation can help, although many people have aversion there.

If you are 8 and fly through Kuwait to Hong Kong, the flight is long, but literally bygone in an instant.

If you need to change your employer with a cash case in London to fly to Hong Kong and stay awake and alert all the time, it takes forever.19 hours en route and 2 hours later back again.

For 9/11 you could run unlimited cash from the EU.

If you miss the flight through Moscow, which is missing from the prehistoric customs, forced to go to the airport and 2.5 day later arrives in Hong Kong it is a long flight.Suitcases were wrongly gerouted to Beijing.

But if you have a 10 hour layover with a 5 year old son and you are already a bit older, the flight is very long.

What I do, stay awake, watch all new movies and stretch the legs regularly.

Amsterdam-Tokyo (Japan) & Amsterdam-Cura莽ao.I consciously appoint both, because by the time difference you go on the first flight ahead in time and both second back in time.

The first is almost always a night flight.I sleep in anyway the night before departure though moderately, so am tired when I start the journey. I often fall asleep, but I also have a file with quiet music & audiobooks on my mobile. Ear plugs in and I sleep by itself. I also always choose a window seat on night flights. Then you have no one who, while you are asleep, must go past you & you can also lie down against the wall of the plane with your head.

On the second flight you usually have a day flight and I try to stay awake.I try to go along at the beginning of the journey in the time of the final destination. Staying awake is getting easier with all the amenities we have. I always download some series and movies from Netflix on the Ipad and also get read and listen books there. The downside is that after 6 hours the Ipad is really empty, but with a power bank, it is so fixed again. You can always walk up and down the plane.

In itself I find the flight itself never so鈩?N problem.You sit, you don’t have anything and get every now and then food and drink. It is often quite fast to pass. I often have more trouble with everything going on. Travel to the airport, wait until you leave, wait for your suitcase, customs things, travel to your destination & with a little bad luck delay. This will cost you 7 hours of extra travel time (1h travel on NEEDLE, 3 hours before departure check-in, 1, 5h at least on arrival airport and 1, 5h for travelling to your destination (because often you still have to search for where everything is) and if you are still from flight , then there will be 2 extra hours of waiting time (1.5 to 2 hours you need a minimum for a transfer due to Customs/search Gate/EVT delays)

All in all, a long flight is just exhausting.Plus my ankles appear in a plane just balloons and swell mega up. As soon as I get to the destination I take care of a quiet program and I often do the day after.

24 hours with a few stopdings.America, Canada. From Aruba to Schiphol. With a Super Constellation. The thing rattled the whole flight and intelligible talk was difficult.

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