What is the longest driving car you drove? Why did you chose not to stop?

Coimbra, Portugal, to Utrecht, the Netherlands.Because I didn’t feel like stopping. It was fun, driving, and lasted 23 hours. Which was quite fast, for 2000 kilometers.

I did tanked though, on the way, I think 3 times.

I never drive so long in succession.Very long ago circa 1977 I drove back from our holiday with my 75 pk Golf S Automatic in 13 hours from Bordeaux to 25 km beyond Amsterdam, a total of 1.375 km, arrived very fatigued, the car in the cheapest version had hardly any noise isolation, and I Had wide Michelin tires and stiff yellow Koni sports dampers put under the car, deliberately chosen for sharp handlebars and a good road location, but absolutely no comfort. Why? Just wanted to come home.

It is about how you define non-stop.But if I can assume that stopping to refuel or a small break to stretch once the legs are not objections is that so™ n 1900 km. From southern Spain to 100 km north of Paris. In one heave through. It was years ago and I had driven the route from southern Spain home more often, but then in 2 stages. That was a mediocre thing, because we had not booked a hotel for the way back and slept in the car in a parking lot at a petrol station.

That specific year we left at 08:30 from Malaga, and I started driving.I find car driving fun so it was no trouble to keep going so I’ve ridden until I could no longer. Around 04:00 I noticed that I was really very tired and we stopped. I slept for 3 hours and we went to 07:00 again and were around 11:30 at home. A total of over 2300 km drove in 27 hours. When I got home I immediately entered my bed and slept until the next morning.

After that we also always booked a hotel for the way back to stay, which lasts a little longer but is a lot more comfortable anyway.Because we have already made this trip many times, I now know exactly where and what time it can be crowded and adapt our itinerary. I’m not driving through at night, which is a lot more fatithier than during the daytime. And you can no longer see the landscape, which is always one of the fun things of Zoâ €™ n Ride.

So on the way we now drive the first day from 05:00 to 21:00, then we take 1600 km and we have to drive the second day only 700 km, and on the way back we cut the route in two pieces of 1200 and 1100 km. and that’s fine to do.

But I still drive those distances with as few stops as possible, it is so that once I’m in the car for this ride I get into some sort of trance.I will be one with my car and drive, and then I am 100% focused on driving. It doesn’t take any effort anymore and I forget the time. When I stop I come out of that flow and it takes me back then struggling to get into it, hence I stop as few as possible. Often we drive for 6 hours or more without stopping. My wife and kids sleep most of the time on the road, so I can enjoy driving non-stop.

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