What is the greatest lie in which you have ever believed?

That adults know what they are doing.Supposedly know how it belongs.
Nobody knows how it belongs.Everyone does what, and so it should be, as far as I am concerned. You still have to find your own way. Don’t copy someone else’s.

Hey that guest there is happy (he says.. don’t have to be true), look at what he has.A dog, a car and a house with a garden. Copy paste. Why am I not happy now?

We, as a human being, learn by copying.That is also our biggest pitfall. Luck you can not copy. There is not just one formula. Now yes maybe, but you have to give shape to that.

That there would be a God, or an afterlife or any related higher power as well.God, what have I been blind! I really saw the light when that all of me fell off suddenly. Pity that “seeing the light” is only measured in EO terms. It is really time that attention comes to the light that appears when God and all its derivatives are killed.

I once believed truly and sincerely that US are a beacon of democracy, human rights and security. I thought this whole world should blend into a big US with prosperity and happiness for all.

That there is no corruption in the Netherlands

That I used to believe that the government and the politicians we are voting for are there for us.

Warning: This is a very intense answer.Realizing that some of the following propositions are lies can cause uncertainties, therefore these lies are told in the first place, in order to bring children self-confidence and equality.
We grow up with a lot of lies.

Here they come.

All cultures are beautiful and deserve respect and tolerance

Most cultures are sexist, violent, authoritarian, in general simply incredibly narrow-minded and conservative.To look at those few cultural elements that are progressive and then think that our Western culture is disgusting (“Indians did have X number of sexes”), is spicy stupid and hypocritical compared to what those cultures further contain. I am very much for spreading progressive Western values in other countries.

There is a negative correlation between attraction and intelligence: attractive people are stupid, ugly people are clever.

Studies prove the reverse again and again.Children who are experienced as appealing according to these studies have higher IQ scores. There is according to some studies even more correlation between attractiveness and IQ than between education level of the parents, income of the parents, etc.

The face of men makes nothing to hardly out in their attractiveness

This can hardly be farther away from reality.Women like men are very much in the face of their partner. Think jeseriously that women have no preference, become blind to the face of a man where they have sex with it or a relationship?

The only reason that this idea exists for men (and not the other way around) is because in the past women were not allowed to distinguish themselves under the patriarchy.They did have to marry. Actually very sexist so to say that women specifically do not give to appearance/face.Appearance is simply the first thing both sexes see, and no amount of quirk, self-confidence, money, power, strength or status will ever compensate for the lack of biological attraction for the face.

May sound like a nice idea, women who give more to personality or who can win a man by “self confidence” “security” or “Financial stability” (aka women are golddiggers and should not work as Baudet finds, MAA is packaged differently ) but is super sexist and incorrect.Incidentally, a personality is also important for women, but that’s it for men too? Does not change that looks and almost nobody is able to go with another that they do not find clever.

Hopefully you have smasted of this.Incidentally, it has nothing to do with myself, I am quite satisfied with my looks and intelligence. Just like to tell the truth.

That people who set up a face and strike an endearing tone always speak the truth.I may have read too many fairy tales in my childhood.

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