What is the future of digital marketing according to you?

“Digital marketing” is often identified with “online advertising”

That was always nonsense, but that will be really unsustainable in the future.Digital marketing is increasingly about the influence of digital technologies such as mobile phones and the internet on the customer side of business models.

As an example, BUNQ competes not so much on a digital promotional mix (the one P) or on distribution, proposition and therefore price (other PS).Airbnb is not better at purchasing Adwords than Booking.com.Booking.com has no better converting narrowcasting on their stand than Marriott.

In short, anyone who still thinks marketing means sales support advertising (Foldertjes, websites, Google AdWords, email) needs to go to school again.

Digital Marketing is in human beings and is not the means itself.Often the perception of humans is that the medium is the goal, while it serves only the purpose.

Below is a screenshot from my whitepaper.In 5 Steps a more effective company-Free whitepaper Incidentally, a statement by Dave Trott.Dave Trott-Wikipedia

We ever made cave drawings.

This also often functioned as a marketing tool. The message to persuade someone to buy a product or service has always remained the same. Only the marketing resources are further developed.

As an entrepreneur, you can truly distinguish yourself by doing something that others do not do, but especially understand where need lies or can be created.

For instance, new marketing resources are ‘ bad ‘ carriers of the right message and not a kind of holy grail.Whatever is being devised; Creatives, marketers and entrepreneurs who understand this will also make better use of the than available digital marketing tools in the future.

The commercial world is changing:

  • The largest taxi company does not own taxis-Uber
  • The largest cottage hosts do not have any cottages-AirBnB/Booking

What’s on the digital plane?

  • Voice Search
  • Demand for ever-faster online disclosure.

Also think of the development of Google Lens.

  • Linking digital services to digitally bundle information and create simplicity in the proliferation of digital assets.
  • Development of social communication on a digital level.
  • There will be more and more societal issues about targeted advertising messages in digital conversations etc.

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