What is the form of racism in Africa?

So, the original African woman is now 😀 So, first of all on the subject of racism:

If we look up the Duden, the definition is:

  1. (mostlyideological lyre, developed to justify racial discrimination, colonialism, etc.) doctrine, theory according to which people or people are

population groups with certain biological characteristics in terms of their cultural performance are inherently over- and should be inferior

  • attitude, way of thinking and acting towards people (1) in accordance with racism(
  • Population groups with certain biological characteristics

    To go into more detail on the first definition, I use Wikipedia:

    “However, the term “racism” only appeared at a time when doubts arose about the concept of race, or at least some of its uses.It originated in the early 20th century, in the examination of ethnic theories.The ending ‘-ism‘ should express the view of historians and other authors that these arequestionable views and beliefs, not indisputable factsof nature ” (Fredrickson, p. 159).

    The racists themselves, on the other hand, saw themselves positively as representatives of a “racial science” or “racial doctrine” and consequently rejected “racism” to paraphrase their views (Geiss, p. 17 and 341).”

    So, as a former African, I believe that the term “race” only appeared after colonization of different countries – in Africa many people talk more about tribes, one differs from the others by languages, cultural characteristics, physical characteristics (e.g. the original South African women are known everywhere for their thick butt, but according to the original Europeans, who have almost no fat on the butt, all African women have thick butts – just as quite generalized Example.Or in the south of Africa we call the people from North Africa, e.g. Sudan or Ethiopia, “dark” – but compared to countries where the sun does not shine so strong, all Africans are “dark”).

    So, do all Africans live in peace with each other?Nope. Do some think they are better than people from other tribes? Absolutely. But the concept of “racism” only came to light-skinned. In other words, racism in Africa is the same racism as in Europe in terms of concept – some people believe that there are different races of people who are recognisable by their appearance and that these so-called races determine special abilities or weaknesses. Only people there prefer *their* alleged “races” and consider the other “races” to be inferior.

    Two examples – my parents warned me never to kiss white people because white people feed the pets and themselves with the same finger.It is true that this is often the case in the south of Africa, that people eat their food together with their pets, and it often happens that they really put their fingers in the cat’s mouth, for example, and put their fingers back in their own mouth. So “white people behave unhygienic” is a racist prejudice against light-skinned people. Believe me, if you read about the history of sanitation in Europe, it is really much worse… in cities, for example, k*cke flowed directly from the buildings and then along the side of the road, etc. therefore… When I tell other Africans, they almost always answer with “Yes, see – we were right, Mzungus (i.e., light-skinned) behaving unhygienic!” I remember many parents were afraid that their brown daughter would have relationships with light-skinned men, and that was unbearable for that…

    Second example – the belief that Indians can’t do anything with money.So, more difficult to explain, but if you are rich, especially in the south of Africa, you want to state that. In my family, it was more the attitude of “Why should you put the money on your own body instead of investing the money?” but that was relatively unusual back then – people want to show as much as possible their wealth. Indians tend to do less in southern Africa – for various reasons, but mainly because they see money as joint money and tend to value cash. In other words, they do not necessarily invest much, but if anyone in the Community has financial difficulties, they can simply give that person this money in cash. This creates very close connections between people who are not directly relatives. After all, since they don’t buy fat cars and don’t wear Gucci and don’t drink Dom Perignon, “they can’t do anything with money.”

    So the same racism, but it has other manifestations.Just as stupid though.

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