What is the first step I should take to heal a broken heart?

If our soul is hurt, then there is not only THE first step as an acute association. There are several.This does not mean that everyone should be exercised because we human beings are different.

Especially essential, recommended and tried and tested therapeutic means is to write daily a good half hour by hand on paper before falling asleep.

And it depends on the individual. For one person it is recommended to write as much as possible without thinking.In this way, one can then immerse oneanother into the depths of one’s own being. But that takes time. So here we recommend the question:

Do I want to explore my personal part of it or not?If so, the exercise “writing without thinking, without paying attention to grammar, writing and meaning” helps to gradually immerse oneself in one’s unconscious. The exercise can be completed at any time if necessary. But trying to perform them successfully can take time.

Then there is the possibility to look at the relationship process in writing for half an hour every evening/ to write it down as it is reminded.From this rough transcript it is possible to draw up a table in a further step. In this, perhaps, the positive and negative aspects of each person involved, perhaps still expectations, dealing with…. Hold what seems important in relation to the basic topic.

In this way, people get a more neutral overview.And these insights can lead to a decision as to whether it may make sense to continue to invest in a revival of the relationship or to practice letting go of love. Since some time has passed by then, the emotional area has certainly used this time to find a little distance from the event.

Walking is also a helpful processing option.Walking is not jogging and does not fumble through world history with any sticks. It is nice when there are no more appointments to consider. Furthermore, it can be good to look for an area where you can roar so vigorously without an ambulance coming.

We can’t change another person.We can only change our attitude to another person.

Yesterday has been.It cannot be changed.

Tomorrow is not yet born.

There is one day left: Today.

The today carefully and quite lived creates a memorable past and lays the foundation for a good future.

That’s why, at best, don’t practice predatory.A relationship always involves at least two people.

They may not find a reason for themselves.Perhaps the reason for this is that you fell for someone who was wrong for you? Only knowledge can lead to change.

Look not for guilt but for causes.Causes can be worked on, not guilt.

Learn to let go of time in love.For actual love desires only the best for the loved one. Real love does not pass away. But it is possible to learn to live well, to have joy in life again, without being able to live this love as desired.

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