What is the feeling of life when life has no meaning?

You and my life always have meaning.Only if you feel that your life has no meaning then it is most likely that you have no purpose in your life at all. Then everything feels so empty and unsensible. As if you are here for nothing.

Very simple answer: “Go find meaning.” It is very easy to say that your life has no meaning if you have never really bothered to attach meaning to your life.A first step to take is that you have to investigate yourself thoroughly. Who are you, what have you done in recent times and where do you want to go with your life. You should be able to answer these questions.

If not then go search for the answers that touch you from within.Your life is never meaningless, you have to find your meaning.

Or, in other words, how does it feel exactly to live?It can quite alternate how it feels, and it’s not always fun. But there is always a way to get out of a given situation that is not special. Most situations are not so special, if you look at people there is something difficult to overlook: they are so many. If you find it hard enough to live when life does have meaning and you don’t feel like getting away from all the nonsense I recommend to choose a modern driving mechanism. In The Middle Ages, there was one mechanism on the basis of which people hoped to make the right choice: God. Nowadays you make the right choice if you have made the choice that will yield you the most success or, in other words, money. Money or success is nice nonsense to believe in. If something is not there when no one thinks it is there I call it crap. We are sometimes so extraneous of ourselves that we regard the socially borne nonsense as objectively: ‘ Everyone knows it works so it is certainly not nonsense. ‘ I let the comparison with religion be obvious.

As to the question, you have a choice: believe in nonsense to give your life meaning or accept that it is useless all and demote the value of nonsense.In the latter case, I advise you not to often tell in how much nonsense people believe.

Examples of nonsense:

  • Countries.

There has never been any research that should be objectively the border between the Netherlands and Germany, but people have ever decided that it is in a certain place. And as long as everyone believes that the border lies there, he lies there.

  • Money.
  • It is useful to give something that is worthless a value, now we can reward each other for using each other. It’s useful nonsense, but nonsense and it has no value in itself.

  • Companies.
  • The employees of a company have responded to each other and they know what they have to each other. And as long as everyone believes there is such a thing as ‘ Apple ‘ then they want to put their time and effort into it. But if you are going to ask what Apple is, they will realize in the long term that they do not actually know the answer exactly.

    ‘ Is that iphone Apple? ‘

    ‘ No of course not, Apple is the company behind it ‘

    “Can you point out somewhere that Apple is?”

    ‘ The main building of the company. ‘

    ‘ So nothing outside the main building is Apple? ‘

    To sum up, if we unanimously decide to stop believing in things, they would no longer exist.And that makes it for me fall under nonsense.

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