What is the fastest way to learn Spanish?

First of all, you should ask yourself why you want to learn Spanish in the first place.

It depends on whether you have learned Spanish in a few months or still can’t in 20 years.

You can learn to compare it to driving.If you know you only want to drive one car, you won’t get a bus and truck driver’s license. So you would waste far too much time.

It’s the same with Spanish.You don’t need to bring your Spanish to native language level if you only want to talk to locals on a trip.

The first step is to find out what your “car” is.So what do you want to be able to do in Spanish?

Here are a few examples of why people are learning Spanish:

  • You want to travel with it to talk to locals
  • Talk to relatives or friends in your own city
  • For work, to negotiate or to talk to customers

So first you have to find out what you want to do with Spanish, so that you can learn Spanish in a targeted way.

In between here is a video with 10 tips on how to learn Spanish (in Spanish, with Spanish and German subtitles):

Now, if you know why you’re learning Spanish, imagine you already know Spanish.How would you use it? What topics would you talk about?

Let’s imagine you would like to talk to locals on holiday.Here are typical topics that occur:

  • Where do you come from?

What are you doing here? Like [LAND

  • Tell something about you, work, hobbies, etc.
  • What have you experienced on your journey?
  • How is Germany like this?
  • Now that you know exactly what you can talk to locals about, you know exactly what you should learn.

    It is best to practice with native speakers over the Internet.Either you are looking for a tandem partner (i.e. someone who speaks Spanish as a mother tongue and wants to learn German) or a Spanish teacher.

    Maintain as much as possible.In the beginning everything will go slowly, but the more you practice, the faster you will.

    Now we have specifically addressed what you should do to quickly reach your goal.

    Finally, I would like to leave you here a few tips:

    • If you’re a bloody beginner, I’d get a textbook first and work through one text at a time.

    Read them several times, listen to them several times, and learn if necessary. vocabulary.

  • Listen as much as possible in Spanish, try to hear Spanish for at least 15 minutes every day.
  • You can start with beginner podcasts or children’s books and then slowly work your way up to more difficult material. Generally, you should learn a little bit every day. That’s better than 1-2 times a week quite a lot and nothing else.

  • A lot of talking is important.
  • I recommend at least 2 hours per week. If you are uncomfortable at first, you can also chat with native speakers or exchange sound messages first. The topics? We discussed above.

    I hope that will help you.Now first of all, a lot of success with Spanish!

    Finally, here is a list of the best resources on the Internet to learn Spanish:

    Learn Spanish: The complete A-Z Guide to Learn Spanish Online and Free | Language hero

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