What is the fastest way to learn how to program an iOS app when you have absolutely no idea about programming?

There is no quick way!You always need patience and there is always a certain learning curve, no matter how simple the programming language. For language is only the form of expression, the “art” is to be able to actually solve a real problem. In the end, this simply involves more than just a bit of a command of the language itself, which is no different with iOS than with other platforms or programs for “real computers”.

I would recommend learning Swift.Swift is much more modern and easier to learn than Objective-C, but it doesn’t hurt to at least deal with Objective-C. There are quite good books about Swift, but the books are already quite outdated after one year, because the language is developing quite quickly at the moment (similar to C’s then from 2003).

YouTube channels are a possibility, but you should also learn to “get your hands dirty” when programming and not just get sprinkled.For an absolute beginner, the app “Swift Playgrounds” for the iPad is actually a very good choice, but you have to bring a lot of patience there until you are ready for a real project. I tried it once, it’s really nice.

Other possibilities are the Playgrounds in Xcode, where you can try out smaller code examples quickly.But the programming language alone is not everything, you also need a little understanding for some basic algorithms, e.g. how to sort an array, or how does hashing, etc. actually work. Of course, there are many things already finished, but often you quickly make fatal mistakes without a certain basic understanding and because you have not really understood what you are doing, you will quickly give up in frustration.

The development of UI and UI design is really the last topic to worry about at first.Of course, as a single person or as a small team you can also use storyboards, larger companies usually do not use it, because there are always conflicts when several developers make changes to the user interface at the same time. But for a beginner, this isn’t really the real core problem. The core problem is ultimately also very complex, depending on which app you want to write. Often you have to download content from the net or data from a database. If you want to program a game you have to get deeply involved in computer graphics… Depending on the problem, one has to learn constantly, the basics are a basic understanding of the matter and how it works. And yes, then of course you have to master a programming language.

This should not discourage anyone, simple things can certainly be programmed by almost everyone.But “learning quickly” is simply an idea that should be knocked out of your head. The programming language itself may be able to be learned relatively quickly, but then you can’t really program yet.

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