What is the fastest motorcycle in the world?

The Dodge Tomahawk

A closer look at the 10-cylinder engine installed in the Dodge Viper caught the eye of the designers, which was much more obvious for this 506 hp powerhouse.

Sure, the more than 8 liters displacement of the unit is now not ideal for installing it in a motorcycle.

As a result, the Tomahawk ended up being a little unwieldy, heavy and poorly manageable for the untrained driver.

There is also the obligatory question as to why, in this case, as in any similar case, the same answer has been: ‘Because we can’.

The Dodge Tomahawk first saw the public in 2003 at the Detroit Motor Show.

At that time, the top speed was still over 680km/h. A few years later, it was reduced to 400km/h without giving any reasons.

Later, 9 copies of her were actually built and sold to collectors for 500,000 dollars each.

However, it is considered more or less impassable and Wolfgang Bernhard Chrysler’s “Chief Operating Officer” admitted in hindsight that no one has ever driven the Tomahawk faster than 160km/h.

As a result, at least the title of the world’s fastest series motorcycle with road approval continues to bear the

MTT Turbine Superbike

Instead of the insane idea of installing the engine of a supercar in a motorcycle, the designers of the MTT Turbine Superbike reasonably use a retired Allison 250 gas turbine that was previously used as a propulsion system for a Bell 206 helicopter.

This accelerates the vehicle from a stand-up speed of 365 km/h in just under 15 seconds.

The maximum speed specified by the manufacturer is over 400km/h. A small disadvantage of the superbike is the slightly increased fuel consumption of about 78 liters per 100 kilometers. Since the tank can only hold 34 liters, the inclined buyer should plan a few more refuelstops with one.

If you have only struggled to invest almost 150000鈧? you will benefit from a quite unique engine noise of the drive running at up to 20,000 revolutions per minute.

However, the following traffic should be kept at a distance, as the extremely hot exhaust gases can deform the body to intrusive pursuers.

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