What is the fashion trend you hate the most and why?

Hypebeast and Hipster

I think most people should know why one or the other person loathes a hipster, so I’d rather give a few examples of a hypebeast:

First of all: I really don’t care if someone throws their money out the window.

Likewise, I don’t care if someone who can’t afford to wear such clothes. If someone likes a certain piece of clothing, they should wear it.

But what struck me is that people who wear such clothes are 80% considered to be something better.Even as you pass, you can see the view in your eyes. I like to give them the shoulder as a welcome when passing by 🙂

I also have something against the clothes themselves whereby, as mentioned above, everyone should be left to what they wear.I don’t see it to spend 100€[1) on a tshirt which did not cost €1 in the production.

I mean, like a lot of brain cells, you have to be on it to buy something like that as a normal earner.

And even as richer, one has to wonder whether it is proportionate to spend so much money.

I wouldn’t just turn around in the grave if my inheritance bought something like that from my money, I would rotate in the grave…

“aBeR dIeSe ScHuHe SiNd EiNe LiMiTirte aUfLaGe”

I understand it when you spend €3,000 on a watch that has been made in the most meticulous handicraft and you know for sure that you can pass it on to your children.

I also understand it when you spend several hundred euros (perhaps even 4 digits) on leather shoes when I know that these shoes are made of a very good leather, that the money benefits the shoemaker and that they may even have been made by custom made.

I think proportionately

Of course, I don’t buy such items if I can’t afford them, but you understand my point.

Here are some final hypebeast styles:

(If the X on the back of one interested: This is off-white -> even crap like Supreme)


Arni 🙂


[1 Supreme Shirts

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