What is the Dutch equivalent of Notre Dame, so a building that we all would mourn when it burned down?

The Dutch equivalent is an old town because we are a country of cosy building work.’ Rotterdam howls where it once laughed… ‘

The destruction of those beautiful old warehouses, quays, sheds, staircase facades, wooden bridges and churches by the fire of the Nazi harassment bombing of 1940 is a life-size trauma in the Dutch soul where no fun bridge or skyline Of modern architects can be opposed, which may pretend fashionable tongues too.

Rotterdam’s heart is brutally ripped off.The Netherlands mourned, the glow was seen in Utrecht. I believe that the wound is still not healed at all.

We are not a country of great compelling construction works.The Rijksmuseum would be very much related to what hangs, but not to the building. I think of the palace on the Dam, the Utrecht Cathedral or the Binnenhof.

Probably the Rijksmuseum.

Anyway if an important work of art would be lost, think of a painting by Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt van Rijn etc.

It is apparently difficult to loosen you from the city in which you yourself grew up to determine what is the most inspiring building for our country.I make that up from the answers so far.

Silhouette of the city centre of Utrecht.

Stylized, but proportions and scale are correct

I am from Utrecht.Have long lived and worked in Amsterdam. In Rotterdam, the ensemble Sint-Laurenkerk, Markthal, bronze Erasmus statue of Hendrick de Keyser is a beautiful symbol of the history of the Netherlands and that city.

My own list, also not free of chauvinism, was this:

Dom van Utrecht (The Tower of the Sint Maartenskerk, built as a cathedral for the capital of the Diocese of Utrecht, which at that time was the de facto capital of the Netherlands).

The DOM tower was the model for all other large church towers such as those in Amersfoort, Groningen, Zaltbommel and Rhenen. None of those towers exceeded the older Dom tower, so they fall off by themselves.

The Sint Jan in Den Bosch.Also a Gothic cathedral, but in contrast to the Domkerk in Utrecht still intact and an ungooable beautiful silhouette, from which side you approach the city too.

The palace on the Dam, designed by Jacob van Campen and built as City Hall of Amsterdam, our capital city.In its time, our golden age, it was the largest secular building in the world. It symbolizes our glory time, the Golden age, when our country became an economic world power by the shedding of feudal structures with nobles and kings.

Attribution: Amsterdam Municipal Department for the Preservation and Restoration of Historic Buildings and Sites (bMA)

In naming, size, design and decoration, the Civic Hall symbolizes the self-awareness of Amsterdam as the undisputed capital of the republic and as a financial centre of the world.

I have read the other contributions.

To my shame I must confess that I had not thought of the Binnenhof with the Knight’s Hall as part of our Parliament buildings along the hofvijver. Beautiful.

Stylized silhouette of The Hague.

Knight’s Hall and Peace Palace have been artificially assembled. For the rest it is just the Amsterdam Zuidas.

All other buildings do not reach these four.The strongest picture and silhouette offer Domtoren and Knight’s Hall. Of these two, the Domtoren is the most characteristic in terms of architecture and situation in the centre of our country. Every day, many hundreds of thousands see the familiar silhouette of the cathedral on their journey from north to south or from east to West through the Netherlands. The Binnenhof with the Knight’s Hall is again more often on TV as a symbol of our Dutch government.

The dome tower is much harder to reconstruct, it would be lost.The silhouette of Utrecht would suffer many times more by the fall of the dome tower than the silhouette of the hedge, if the Knight’s Hall were to be lost.

The Skyline of The Hague.

No Knight’s hall to confess…

I really think the hole that a lost domrook would beat on our collective retina would be the greatest.

Skyline of Utrecht.

Get off the Dom and you have any city.

Enough candidates:
Binnenhof (the fire-fighting seems to have said that it will be difficult to fight a fire there.One of the reasons for the forthcoming renovation of the complex)
Great church Delft (with the royal tombs)
Royal Palace on Dam Square (former City hall Amsterdam)
New Church Amsterdam
Westerkerk Amsterdam
Lock Loevestein
St Jan Den Bosch
St Servaas Basilica Maastricht
Dom Utrecht
Old Church Amsterdam
Martini Church Groningen
Peace Palace
Palace Noordeinde
Palace Ten Bosch
Academy Building University Leiden
Universiteitsbibiliotheque Leiden
Planetarium Franeker
Haarlem Railway Station
There are still quite a few buildings with such a national cultural value that their loss would be very large.A grip:
Rietveld Schr枚derhuis Utrecht
Council House Hilversum
Academy Building Utrecht
Academy Building Groningen
Beurs van Berlage
Bijenkorf Amsterdam
Bijenkorf Den Haag
Synagogues Amsterdam (Jewish historical Museum)
Gemeentemuseum The Hague
Mauritshuis The Hague
Prinsenhof Delft
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Great Church The Hague
Laurenkerk Rotterdam
Windmills Kinderdijk (although they won’t burn all at once, one won’t cause national mourning)
Schielandhuis Rotterdam
Scheepvaarthuis Amsterdam (now Hotel Amrath)
Amsterdam City Theatre
Railway Museum Utrecht
Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam (former head office VOC)
Original town houses of many cities such as Delft, The Hague, Gouda, Leeuwarden, Den Bosch, etc.
Finally, there are still a handful of buildings that mainly represent a collective emotional value:
Central Station Amsterdam
Des Indes Hotel The Hague
Amstel Hotel

The Afsluitdijk.The chances of collective mourning are therefore at least;)

Indeed the Rijksmuseum, as another answer mentioned, but also the Dom tower in Utrecht (which remained after a fire in the associated church building).

I would also like to nominate the Anne Frank House.Other muses, such as the Tropical Museum, the Archaeological Museum or the Hortus Botanicus are also eligible.

In short: Most buildings where history is kept alive.Even stadiums can qualify. And then not only football stadiums, also a Thialf.

The Netherlands is not so of national mourning, which is mainly a political thingy.But I think we would be shocked only if the inner court were to burn off.

Concertgebouw Amsterdam

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